Thursday, April 16, 2009

City Folk

Okay, that interesting thing, as promised. But I am tired, so my story telling abilities could really use improvement.

Um... Where does it start. We were in Montana, lost in a maze of little student-owned houses just off of campus. We were stuck in traffic with a busy intersection up ahead, so we were slowly moving forward. Outside my car window, I notice a cop car parked on the side of the road. Out of it steps a cop. He was good looking, with black hair slicked back and a cop's swagger. I honestly wasn't sure if he was a real cop, because he looked like something out of a soap opera or a television show. But his car and uniform were real.

We pull forward a little bit, to the next house over. Through the fence I could see a lot of people crammed in the back yard, standing about, smoking, drinking. There was definitely a party going on. A guy was sticking out of the car in the driveway, trying to get something out from under one of the seats, or something. Up swaggers the cop, slowly creeping up to the guy, who is completely unaware. The cop stands there next to the guy for a moment.

We pulled away just as the cop was about to tap the guy on the shoulder. He was about to get the shock of his life.

That is it.

Today, Louis informed me that he was performing at a free, all-ages show tonight. So I grabbed Sarah and Sean, and we went to go see him play. We spent a lot of our time standing around outside, because we just weren't interested in the other bands. While we were out there, some cop cards pulled up, and a guy got arrested for having a gun. Sean and Sarah seemed uncomfortable, but for some reason it just made me super calm. Louis's band, Irony, was great. They all had long hair that they flipped about (visually appealing, actually), except for the drummer. The drummer just looked like some small asian kid, until he randomly took his shirt off to expose his tatoos. It was hilarious, watching them all together.

It shouldn't have been funny. It should have been awesome with a capital A. I'm sure the people that kept spontaneously breaking out into a mosh pit would agree. But I just found it all very amusing. "Can I get a hail Satan!" "HAIL SaTAN WHOoO" "Yeah! We are here at... At uh... Fuck, whatever, let's just play!" The music was so loud I could feel it in my chest. I almost couldn't tell my phone was vibrating, because the rest of me was vibrating just as hard. And I couldn't understand the singer at all--So I just went and Misheard Lyrics'd the entire thing. "Oh God I stepped in bubble gum, and now my arm is broken. Mom, we are going to town!"

We had to leave in the middle of their last song, though. Sean needed to get home half an hour before we left, it seems. I was kinda sad, because I wanted to chat with Louis after the show. Oh well.

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