Monday, April 27, 2009


How hilarious is it that I get all sick as swine flu becomes the next big epidemic?

So I think I caught something at the arcade the other night. Sweaty people all touching the same things, it is very likely. And now I feel like a bitch, because I told myself I wouldn't stay home from school this month. And here I am, staying home on a Monday, and considering the likelihood of staying home again on Tuesday.

Argh, my symptoms are so strange. Are nighttime migraines a thing? Because I'm only getting them at night. Or what about the inability to digest food at the proper rate? I know being achy is a normal thing, but what about aches in the fingers and aches in the muscles you use to wiggle your ears as well? Whatever, I suppose you could just say that I'm achy all over, in the most literal sense.

Also: a fever. How normal.

It is night, which means that my head hurts. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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