Sunday, August 31, 2008


School starts on Wednesday. I do not want to go. I don't feel like there has been enough time between last year and next year. It will be nice to see my friends. And I hope the classes I signed up for are interesting. But looking at my schedule, I am fairly certain I'll be bored in half of my classes.

I am going to make a prediction. About what my grades will be like for this first semester. I'm basing this on my current level of interest for the subjects.
1st, Food Science - B
2nd, Photography - A
3rd, Practice Writing Composition - D
4th, Japanese V - A
5th, Senior Social Studies - D
6th, World History - C

I'm being modest with the D's and C's. Totally underestimating how badly I'm gonna fail those three classes. It's not that I'm poor at those subjects. In fact, I usually get 100% on my essays. But that's just it--I get 100% on my essays. I get so bored. I can't be challenged in an English class; all you can add is more tedious work and restrictions to the way I write. So I just don't write essays, I just don't read the boring books they hand me. Same with History classes. I just don't care enough to do the work, because I know when it gets handed back it'll be a high grade.

... Bah. I don't want to go back to school. I think on my own too much to be able to listen to my teachers.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


What day is today? Saturday? Bugger, I lost an internet day. I was hardly online at all yesterday.

Babysat the kittens. They are adorable and broken. I can't believe we adopted two kittens with terrible emotional damage. But this is a good home, so they will heal.

Yesterday, Niffirg died. Which is odd, because he was the healthiest fish. Nadroj took it very badly. He tried to hide Niffirg away from the net when I tried to take him away. It was all very sad. I put Niffirg in a little paper cup to show the kittens. Tricksy didn't really care, and Stormy tried to eat him. I have no respect for the dead.

Also yesterday, I went to buy school supplies. My dad didn't give me enough money, so I ended up paying out of my own pocket. I laid everything in my wallet (that was American) out on the table, and it wasn't quite enough. I was just three dollars short. But the salesclerk, being a wonderful guy I decided, paid for one of my items out of his own pocket. I'm eternally grateful, because I have nightmares where I don't have enough money to pay for things. Also, I must have looked poor or something yesterday.

Once more yesterday, my parents threw a party. The six of them drank five and a half bottles of wine. Craig came over so I wouldn't have to hide in my room. After listening to the older adults talk about gout for a while, I asked Craig if he wanted to watch a movie. Of course he jumped at the idea, anything had to be better than talking about gout. I made him watch Dr. Horrible. I decided life isn't worth living unless you've seen Dr. Horrible.

Today, I went shopping for more school clothes. We went back to this little boutique in Seattle called Synapse. I bought a shirt, some socks, a couple pairs of pants, and an interesting skirt. This skirt is made out of neckties, and is so amazingly interesting. I can already see new outfits forming in my head relating to it. All in all, it was a pretty good haul for me. I am so picky when it comes to clothes. We hit five other stores and didn't buy anything. I am so not fun to shop with.

A new costume shop opened up in town. Right down the street from the other costume shop. I expect somebody to go out of business soon. I am thinking of applying to the new one. But I'm iffy on it, since I am under 18. I can legally work, and I will be 18 in a couple of months, though, so who knows. I'm also trying to figure out who to put as my references, since I have no previous job experience. I have volunteer experience, though. But oddly enough, it turns out that a lot of that was under my mom (I can't help it if she decides to be the head of some function that I'd already decided to help), and I don't want to list her as a reference. It's awkward. I suppose I could list my girl scout leader. I did volunteer under her. Bah. I'll ask my mother for some advice, at one point in her life she was in charge of reading applications and interviewing/hiring people.

Hoo, my mother's a wonderful person. She even reminded me of previous job experience. (Who knew?) Tomorrow, I make some phone calls, fire off an e-mail or two, and send in that application.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I spent my day today baby sitting the kittens. Nobody told me to do it, but it was fiercely implied.

And just like a good baby sitter, I left them alone during naptime so I could play on the internets.

No, seriously, I couldn't overcome this strong feeling that I was just acting as babysitter. There was playtime, lunch time, movie time followed by nap time, potty time, more nap time, and even more playtime. But the two of them are just so cute I don't mind wasting one of my last summer days on them.

Oh, but. This just makes me not want children even more. I think I'll just adopt little kittens instead of make babies. Ten times cuter, and I can train them to poop outside.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We brought the two kittens home today. We also decided on names; Stormy and Tricksy. Dad insists on the spelling for Tricksy including the letter C. Why argue?

The two cats are as adorable as can be. Stormy is ADHD and OCD at the same time--a deadly mix. She figured out she is good at jumping, and now jumps every where. So she'll lie there, purring, content, and then seriously jump ten feet away and run full speed around the house. When she gets back (which usually happens before you realize she left), she will clean her paws. Before doing a backflip.
Tricksy is a tricky one in that she has tricked us all into thinking we beat her in our spare time. She'll sit, quite contently, and be looking right at you. You'll approach her, careful not to make any sudden movements. Just when you think you can touch her this time, she'll flinch, cower, look at you with giant kitten eyes, and scurry away to hide. She runs away every time you approach her, but she runs away slowly. I chased her, one step at a time, around a table. I'd take a step, she'd move away. I'd take another step, she'd move away. I really just wanted to show her were the food bowl is.

So I think Nadroj is going to turn into an oil slick and there is nothing I can do.

I went to the school and fixed up my schedule. Instead of taking math, I am taking food science and being an office assistant. I feel as though my time is being wasted. But at least it's better for my GPA than a math class I've already failed twice. And the real point is easy A's for my senior year. I just want to be one of the few kids that graduate on time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm kinda worried about Nadroj. Remember those sleek black stripes on him I mentioned yesterday? Well, when I first dumped the fish into his minimalist fish tank, I noticed that only the bare tips of his slightly raggedy dorsal fin was kind of black, and that under his head was a bit of a dark gray smudge. I use his extra-white eyes and that dark smudge to tell him from Niffirg. But now, there is a prominent black stripe going the length of his dorsal fin, and dominant black stripes in all of his other fins. And while it may just be me, that dark smudge seems a little bit darker. I've tried Googling possible diseases. Either he's healing from nitrate burns (which is unlikely, because he'd have other scars in other places), or he's caught the elusive and mysterious Black Smudge disease. Which, strangely enough, is also unlikely because he's not really smudging in the right places.

I guess we'll see. Either he dies in a couple weeks because he's caught an incurable disease, or the smudges fade because he's healing from a disease.

I was supposed to go to the school today and complain about my schedule. But when I got there, it was crowded. I mean, seriously crowded. There were school buses out front and everything. I must admit, it freaked me out, so I turned around and went back home. I'm easily frightened these days. So I spent all day all fidgety, wondering how I was going to explain that to my father (even when I was really young, he didn't understand that I'd get scared of people), and also wondering if, by chance, I missed the first day of school. The school called today, at the same time they'd call if I skipped school. I didn't pick up, but now I wonder if I've got detention.

Tomorrow, we're supposed to bring the new kittens home. Dad asked me if I would like to come pick them up. I tried my best to say "yes" in a why-yes-of-course sort of way without sounding all like durr. I was getting that feeling that I'm in trouble, so I was already over thinking what I say. And in best you're-not-in-trouble-now, but-you-will-be-soon voice, he told me that I could come along if I go to the school first. We leave to pick up the kittens at 10. The part of the school I need to go to opens at 9:30. I plan to get there as soon as they open, but if the process takes longer than five minutes I won't have enough time to get home. It's very likely I'll miss out on the entire kitten thing.

And I have to wonder if my dad knows this and planned it out.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I have been cold all day. I just can't seem to warm up.

I am thinking of moving a chair in front of the fish tank. It seems that all I do all day anymore is watch Niffirg and Nadroj swim around. My favorite is when I put food in, and they start hunting for it. Niffirg is a glutton, and eats more than Nadroj does. I think he's just jealous of Nadroj--After all, Nadroj gets all the ladies. Who doesn't love a sleek black stripe though the fins and the tail? But Niffirg should know, eating is not the answer. He'll only get fat, and nobody wants that.

Oh God what am I saying I need to get out more.

I stopped by the school to pick up my schedule. Everything is fine, but they gave me math again this year. If I take math it eats into my time to take classes that matter, and I won't be able to graduate. So tomorrow, I go in and talk to my councilor. I expect that nobody will listen to me again this year. But this time I've got a girly-sweet outfit picked out, some tears ready, and an irate father waiting by the phone. It's my last year of school, and god damn it, I am getting what I want. I am so sick of the school fucking around with me.

Heh. Anybody sense the irony in that? I'm planning to play the victim while ultimately making them dance like puppets.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ahh, what a nice filling day. But also, a lack of food. Why does this keep happening to me? I am starving.

All day has pretty much been devoted to my new pet fish. Niffirg and Nadroj. Why can't anybody remember their names? I don't think they're that hard. I woke up early to go to the petstore. I had some bare essentials; A small tank, a fish net, some food, and a bubble thinger. But then I looked over to my side, and woah! Large puppy on a leash next to me. So I move over to the next aisle and Ah! Two large dogs. Also, an extreme lack of items I needed. Why didn't they have those rocks you put at the bottom of the fish bowl? The heck?

But I feel the need to explain the dogs. There were a lot of them, just all of a sudden. It freaked me out really bad, since one of my (outlandish) fears is smallish groups of people/animals in small spaces not doing anything. Don't laugh, it affects my every day life. So with just the few items I had, I checked-out and got the Hell out of there. As it turns out, the store was having a training day for your dogs. How very unlucky for me.

So I dumped my fish into their minimalist tank and gave them a bit of food while I did more research on them. I decided Nadroj was diseased and quarantined him while I researched a cure. As it turns out, he's not sick with what I thought he had. When I came back he was freaking out in his quarantine bowl, so I put him back in the tank. I don't even know. My fish are spaz.

I cleared out a space in my bookcase to be their permanent home. Then I went out on the town, in search of the other pet store that I actually like better because it is more well lit. I bought everything I needed with no problems (other than trying to find a small filter), and set up their tank while they waited in the largest glass we own. It turned out pretty nice, a classic-looking cheapo fish tank. With a huge freaking filter on top. When I put the fish in, they seemed to be more happy than in shock. I think they were hoping they could eat the plants. I put the tank where it goes and plugged in the bubble wand. They seemed outright gleeful. I was worried they'd fear the bubbles, but instead they love the bubbles. The bubbles are more than just their friends, the bubbles are their lovers. Their caretakers. Their family.

Anyhow. Yeah. Fish really freaking love bubbles, it's amazing. After a bit of struggle to find an outlet, I also plugged in the filter. Now, the filter is actually a bit too large for this tank (like, it doesn't really fit), but I figured it doesn't matter since fish poop needs to go somewhere. But then I saw what looked like Niffirg having an upside-down seizure. I know he's a spaz, but I didn't think he was epileptic. It took me all of three seconds to realize it was the water coming out of the filter. Violently pushing my fish around every time they swam up to the tasteful ruins in the center. so I turned it off. And now there's this big plastic hunk of junk hanging off the back of my tank, and I plan to be rid of it tomorrow morning.

Oh God, I can't believe I can talk this much about fish.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ahh, what a filling day. Let me start off by listing what I've eaten today.

- Lucky charms
- Toast with butter
- Kettle Corn

I can't believe I can run on so little food and have such full days. But then again, during Portcon I'd often only have a piece of bread for breakfast and a glass of water for dinner. Yum yum yummers.

The family went out today to look at kittens to adopt. We found two adorable little girls. One is gray, the other is a gray tabby.

The gray one is calm, and seemingly smarter than the rest of the kittens in her litter. She wasn't picking on her brothers and sisters, and didn't bounce around doing stupid things. Calm, collected, and calculating. But still playful. She'll bat at things that interest her, and she's very curious and brave. She also comes preprogrammed with a name; Twister. We may decide to get her reprogrammed, and change her name to something that'll work well with the other girly, but Twister sounds like a good name so far.

The gray tabby was put in a huge cage all alone. She's the last of her litter, and all of her brothers and sisters were sold from the garage of her mother's owner. She has the sweetest little face, and is so cute and adorable right now. She'll grow to be a really beautiful cat, since the pattern on her fur is so lovely. When we first saw her, she was cowering in a corner of her cage. She isn't socialized, and lived the two months of her life in a garage, so when little kids would stick their fingers through to pet her, she'd just flinch away a bit, but allow them to touch her. You'd get the feeling looking at her that's she's never really known happiness. How sad. when I held her, she cried really loud. We later decided she just doesn't like change. But once I sat down for a bit, and rubbed her head like I've seen mother cats do, she quieted down. But she shivered really badly. The last time I held a cat that was shaking with fear was when I decided to take Sparkle for a walk, and realized her adventurous personality stops at the property line. The reason we decided she doesn't like change is because every time she'd change arms, she'd oppose. I tried to hand her off to my dad, and she wrapped both of her little front paws around my arm and cried. When he later tried to hand her back, she hung onto his shirt, and cried. I hope she won't always be this noisy.

Gray Tabby doesn't have a name, but dad's thinking Tempest. Twister and Tempest. I'll call 'em Twist and Tampy for short, prolly. I'm a sucker for nicknames. We couldn't bring them home today, since they both need to get fixed. But they'll be in our house on Wednesday, and I am excited. We even bought some climbing furniture for them. Despite the many many cats we've had in the past, we've never bought furniture outside of scratching posts for the cats before. I'm really excited and hope they enjoy it.

Then I went to the Fair with RaeLynn. We were hoping to steal Amber away, since today is her birthday, and treat her to a fun day of cotton candy and spinning rides, but she's out of town. So we shrugged it off, and had fun our own way. We hung out with this kid of about 12 years old (along with girls about my age), who badly wanted to go on ride after ride. All the girlies were being all strict, and not letting him jump at every opportunity. I felt bad, since I wanted to go with him every time he pointed and said "Let's go on that one next!" The girlies would just groan and be all "that ride makes me sick" and then start a conversation about something like not being able to do rides like that since they started puberty and got their periods. Girls are so icky. But Little Kid and I jumped at every chance they gave us to ride a ride. We rode pretty much everything, making my all-day riding pass worth the $25. And I finally got to try out the Zipper.
Normally, everyone's too scared to try that one out with me, and I can't go it alone. I'll never understand how people can be afraid of roller coasters and carnival rides. Things like that just aren't so thrilling to me. *Says the girl who goes zip lining and makes it look like she does this every day.

I won two goldfish at the ball-toss game. Tomorrow I'll be going to the pet store to buy them food and tank supplies, as well as a fish tank. Dad told me that we still have the ten-gallon fish tank somewhere in the attic. But there is no way I'm taking care of that monstrosity for two tiny little feeder goldfish. So I'm just going to buy a nice, small, rectangular thing, and dump my fishies into it. Rae and I also named the two fishies. The one with the really white eyes is named Nadroj, while the really spastic one is named Niffirg. I hope they don't die within the week, or else I'm just going and buying new fish. There's no way I'm plopping down money for food and a tank if I'm not gonna gonna use at least half the food.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Oh thank God I am back home. I can't wait to sleep tonight, as well as shower.

Also: Warning. Long post ahead. Let me list out what I write about:
- I got to ride a train
- Grandma on my dad's side is old but awesome
- I go to Glacier National Park
- I hike a lot in Glacier
- I nearly die riding a horse in a storm
- I go whitewater rafting in said storm
- I ride the train yet again.

We took a train over to Montana. Like a clickety-clack clickety-clack wooo-wooooo train. we arrived in East Glacier. I love trains, so getting to ride one was a treat for me. We got two rooms on a sleeper car, since our ride was overnight, and my parents refuse to sleep in chairs if they can help it. I took a ton of pictures out my window of the view while we were still in Washington. I just barely managed not to take a picture of what looked to be a Nudists-Over-Ninety Beach Party that was going on. Who the Hell strolls around a Seattle beach naked? The water here is below freezing.

In the evening we got to eat in the dining car. The booths seat four, and I was in a party of three with my family, so they stuck a party of one in the spot next to me. This extra party turned out to be a nice man named John who was from Great Britain. He tried his best to explain Cricket to me, but I'm still pretty confused. It also turned out that he works in the train industry, and was traveling across America by train for a vacation. His room was right across from my parents', so when they got drunk and noisy in the evening, he helped them put their beds together to encourage them to sleep. Smart, smart man.

Sleeping on a train is the opposite of restful. Just so you know. Also, the next morning for breakfast, John was randomly seated with us again. How good for us, since we rather enjoyed his company.

We spent a couple days in Great Falls, Montana, visiting my grandmother (My father's mother) for her birthday. She is now 96. My grandmother also rocks at Bingo, can put away food like nobody's business and still be skinny like Kelly, can hold her own in a game of cards, and is rather pretty for a woman her age. Which is lucky for me, because we look a lot alike. After a couple days in the city, we went over to Glacier.

... If you're not a Montanan, or know anybody from Montana, then you should know I mean Glacier National Park. To be specific, West Glacier.

There, my grandparents (My mother's parents) are working at Many Glacier for the summer. Grandma behind the front desk, Grandpa behind the cashier's desk. They took us on a lot of fun hikes over the next couple days and seriously wore me out. The third day started out a lot of fun with a hike to this beautiful waterfall. It didn't look like much, but I felt adventurous, so I adhered myself to the rocks and climbed up. The farther I went, the more waterfalls I found. Looking back, I can't believe I let myself cross this narrow not so much a ledge as a point outcropping of rock. One side was a sheet 20ft drop onto a cube-shaped rock, the other side crashing water. Okay, maybe not crashing, but swiftly moving. After balancing, shimmying, and gripping my way to the top, there was this 80-year-old man and his wife. There was a nice, gently sloping trail up to the top of the stupid waterfall. But oh well, because you couldn't see the triple-waterfall thinger unless you climbed some rocks. So nyeh.

Later that day, Grandma took me on a two-hour horseback ride. I like horses, and have a lot of experience with riding them. Grandma and I both worried we would get too hot while hiding in the sun, so we brought plenty of water and dressed for the sun. About 10 minutes in, little droplets of water came down from the sky. (No problem for a Washingtonian like me!) about 30 minutes in, we listened to the thunder crash again the mountains. An hour in and it was raining sideways, horses were running off and trying to buck off their riders, I lost feeling to my hands, and we were completely in the open with no protection from the weather. I didn't really start to worry, though, until I realized the rain didn't feel like needles anymore. I was too cold to feel it hitting me anymore. My horse was a real sweetie-pie, requiring only gentle nudges to the side to make him move, and only a slight pop of the reins to make him stop eating. When the other horses were taking control, he stood there patiently, not even bothering to turn his rump towards the rain like horses do naturally. Something spooked him once, though, and he started to run off in a random direction. But turning him back around was really no problem, since he was such a nice horse I didn't even have to force his head to the side to get him to turn, just pull his reins to the side a bit.

Grandma and I got completely soaked. When it rains like that, you'd expect everything except the spot you were sitting to get wet. But the water penetrated my jeans so completely that even that spot I was sitting was nice and wet. We were both shaking violently, and hypothermia was a real threat. Grandma actually managed to warm up a little bit while in the car, while I noticed when I wrapped up in a towel that I wasn't giving off any heat. she drove me back to my room, where we found that the power had gone out. Despite the fact that you're not allowed to take a shower there while the power is out, I took a really long, really hot shower. I do think it saved my life.

The storm continued for the rest of our trip. But that didn't stop us from going whitewater rafting. We put on wet suits, fleece, and rain gear, and paddled out with our guide on this nice stretch of river. It was wicked fun, the the rain let up a bit for us. We took with us a friend my grandmother had made while working. Her name was Lindsey, and she was just a little older than me. She wanted to go rafting all summer, but couldn't get a ride over to East Glacier. She really helped to make the trip a lot of fun. Our guide for the trip was named Kelly. She said she couldn't understand why anyone would want to go rafting on a day like that. When we told her we were all from Washington, thusly live in weather like that, she got really excited. She reads the series Twilight, which is based in Forks, Washington. The entire time we were out, she couldn't help but think about how much the weather reminded her of that book. So we regaled her with stories about the real Forks, Washington, while we paddled for our lives. Afterwards, she made us buffalo burgers and we all had a lovely dinner by the river.

Also, the rain was a different temperature than the river. So in the calm parts of the river, the rainwater would bead up on the surface, and just float around like pearls. It was amazing.

Rain rain rain, we headed back out to the train. Travel travel travel, I spied a hot-air balloon over some lovely green fields with little cottages and a forest not so far off. It was a nice view from my window on the train, but it must have been just as cool being up in that balloon and watching a train go by. Travel some more, another sleepless night on the train, and I am back home.

Tomorrow, I take a friend out to the fair for her birthday. Unless I screwed up, and she is actually in Pennsylvania. Then, I go out with my mother to find some kittens to adopt.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm totaly in Montana right now. And boy do I have a lot to say about the train ride over. But  I'm just too lazy to type it all out on my iPod. Hah!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Augh, oh my God. I don't want to go on this trip. I leave in about three hours. My mother has been running around singing and dancing, saying things like "Oh, this is going to be so much fun!" She's way too excited for a trip to Montana. I guess she just really likes vast expanses of trees. You know, since we are going to a foresty area. And we live in a foresty area.

Hopefully, this time around, every place we visit doesn't burn down after we leave. Have I ever mentioned that? Last time we went to Glacier National Park, about and hour after we left an area it would burst into flames. Fwoosh!

I don't know if any electronical services will be available to me, such as internet or phone reception. But you'll know right away if there is, since I will probably feel compelled to make a post that's something like "Oh my God I saw a deer. This place is just like home, but hotter!"

Oh, and sorry about yesterday's post. I swear, for the past five years, I have been fighting the urge to take a picture of my dinner and write a journal about it. Yesterday, I finally gave in.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Oh man you guys I am so hungry right now it is not even funny

*Lack of proper punctuation makes me think this sentence is hilarious.

Hah, but no, seriously. I am the hungriest person. And this is my dinner for tonight:

I shouldn't complain, I served myself these portions. Because to me, this is a lot of food.
Oh, the woes of a tiny stomach.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Lately, I've been feeling under appreciated by my parents.

Though, I suppose we have been on tense terms for the past ten years.

On Wednesday, I leave for yet another vacation. I'd be excited about this one, except I'm not all too fond of the destination. But you see, we're going to be riding a train. On a railroad. I've never been on a train before (Outside of bullet trains and subways), and I'm excited for the experience. But we're going to Glacier National Park, which I found out through personal experience isn't all that great. And we're really only going so that we can visit our grandparents, who have a job there now.

While I love my grandparents, there's really nothing for me to do with them. I usually end up sitting politely for eight hours while they talk about wine with my parents. If I'm lucky we'll watch some television, or play a board game. But I won't be lucky this time, since my grandparents are living in a log cabin in the woods, or something. Sigh. Just thinking about it bores me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shoes, Kelly

"Kelly! We're going out to eat tonight!"
Stomping sounds can be heard as Kelly throws herself from her bedroom to the bathroom.

"We're leaving now!"
"Arrargh!" Loud clunking noises as her hairbrush slips, and hits the wall on it's way down.

She finally stomps down the stairs and rams her feet into a pair of flip-flops. "So we're we going?"

"You're driving."
"... Ohh..." Flip-flops get kicked off at the wall, feet get wriggled into more proper shoes.

That's generally how every evening out goes. I don't know why they rush me out the door like that. Especially when we're going someplace fancy, and I haven't been given so much as a warning that we're leaving in the first place. I'm just used to having bedhead in nice places now.

I also don't mind driving people around. Like, at all. I enjoy it to an extent--The company is usually nice and they often bring good music. But I hate driving when I'm going to a restaurant with my parents. It means that they're planning to do a a lot of drinking, and it's no fun being the only sober one in a car. They shamelessly flirt, they distract me from the road, they demand to be driven to weird places. I'd really rather hire them a taxi or hand them a bus schedule.

Though, in all fairness, the steak last night was delicious, and I enjoyed the pie.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ah, yes.

Oh thank God, there were no more creepy voices today. I'm guessing it was just the house settling in some odd way.

So I painted the garage doors. They are now yellow. There were no problems until I pulled the tape off meant to protect these dark green bits. The paint had seeped underneath the tape. So now I have more useless painting to do, this time with a darker color. Sigh.

Last night my wrist hurt like the dickens. A strange crampy-burny feeling. Kinda like when you try to write too much too fast in school, and your hand cramps up. 'Cept more burny, and in a different spot, and it lasted for a good seven hours. It was gone when I woke up, thankfully. I did a bit of searching online, and I couldn't find anything that matched my symptoms, so I think it was just a temporary thing and nothing to worry about.

... Well, I was thinking that, but now my wrist is starting to hurt again. Bah humbug.

Tomorrow, I get the hair ripped out of my armpits. Hooray.

And now, I watch the opening ceremonies. Oh, amazing!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Covetry Carol

Oh my goodness, I am so tired. And my hands are covered in paint. So I suppose I am tired and messy.

A nice chunk of yesterday was spent scraping bits of flaking paint off of the garage doors. While I was washing the doors off with the hose, I managed to soak the number pad that I use to get in and out of the garage. Since I do not have a house key, and my parents removed the cat door out back, it is my only way to get in the house. And now, this number pad does not work. I managed to lock myself out of the house last night after I has finished rinsing the doors, and ended up knocking to get in. I checked the pad again today, and the buttons made a squishy sound and the doors did not open. Lesigh.

Then an even larger chunk of today was spend priming the garage doors. Really, I think I just painted them white. I don't know what the difference between a primer and a white paint is. Everything was going smoothly, but the first door took forever. I had made sure to start in the morning (Either 10 or 10:30, I'm not certain) so that I would have plenty of time to paint before the sun hit the house. At about noon, I finished the first door, and went inside to eat. I also rinsed off the brush so that the paint wouldn't dry on it and set in.

Even though a ring of paint dried on it and set in while I was still painting. I can't believe I ruined the brush like that.

At about 12:30 I went back outside to paint the other door, only to see that the sun was hitting that side of the house pretty hard. Also, since I could not get the brush completely dry before painting, I'm pretty sure a good chunk of that door has some pretty thin paint. But I did notice the paint went on easier for that door. I claim it was the water in the brush. Don't know what good it is for the paint, though.

Just as I finished the sun went behind a tree and covered the house in shadow. Bastard.

Spent some time scrubbing at the brush to get the ring paint off it, with no luck. So now it's hanging on the clothesline with the wimpiest clothes hanger I've ever seen. Though, it's holding onto the handle of that paintbrush pretty well, so I guess I shouldn't mock it.

Been hearing voices all day. The creepiest voice in the world, always sounds raspy and like it's outside the room I'm in. Keeps making me think someone broke into the house, but I've been home alone. I'll worry when I can understand what it's saying, and it's telling me to do things.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Novel Idea

I am going to write a book someday and title it "Stuck in the Bathroom Without Toilet Paper"

And it will be a true story.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mega Last

I was well on my way again today doing absolutely nothing, but then I sat down at my computer and got to work on a little project I've been planning.

I've been wanting to make one of those illusion or shadow scarves ever since I first heard about them last year. But I also wanted to make the design myself, instead of using one I found online. So I planned to make two, each with a different design that is somehow important to the friend I gift it to. Today I finally sat down and planned out the pattern for the first scarf. It was grueling. I was almost half way through before I realized I had messed up, and needed to start over. After a couple hours of staring at the computer screen, burning out my eyes, and making tedious repetitive clicking motions, I finally finished. I really hope the pattern turns out alright, because I don't have the attention span to do it more than once.

I've started knitting it today, too, but I keep messing up before I even get to the important part. I've never really done anything more complicated than a garter stitch and adding a second color. But at least I'm catching myself before the scarf is well under way--It only takes about 15 minutes to start over. I've got it all figured out now, so I'm ready to really get to work on this puppy!

Strangely enough, I'm knitting two scarves at once. A very simple one, and a slightly complicated one. I wonder how this will work out for me.

By the way, movie today was Castle in the Sky.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mood Changing

I managed to do nothing today so completely that I can't think of anything to make a post about. So I'd normally just post an interjection, but I can't even think up a good topic for that.


Did you know...
That most people spell 'Hmm' with two M's?
Women are more likely to use the word 'gender' than men?
More than half of the bones in your body are in your hands and feet?
The brain continues to send out electrical signals 37 hours after death?
Humans share at least half of their DNA with a banana.
It is considered good luck to have a frog hop into your home?
Honey never spoils? (It just crystallizes, but heating it fixes that.)
Despite it all, in terms of passenger deaths per mile, space travel is the safest way to go.
If the population continues growing at it's current rate, by 2600 there will literally be no more room for humans on the planet.

Uh... I'm done now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I just barely managed to finish off my black and white scarf yesterday before scurrying off to clean up bits of the house. We had some guests over, and I dunno. I guess we need to impress old friends that don't really care. They brought over enough sushi to fill in a yacht, and I soon found myself sitting up in my room with only a plate of fish and rice to keep me company.

Just to set the record straight, I like sushi. Particularly sashimi--My favorite part will always be the raw fish. But I can't stand nori, the "seaweed" that sushi rolls are wrapped in. I try to eat it, I really do. And often times I find that it doesn't taste that bad. In fact, last night I found myself chewing on a piece that tasted like steak. But it triggers my gag reflex like nothing else. I could even be enjoying it--Nom nom nom HURKK! And suddenly the food is caught in that area between my mouth and my throat. Like some twisted sort of suspended animation. So nori is a no go, as is most of the sushi out there that you can buy.

Also, wasabi. Tastes like paint remover. I don't even care that it's hot--'Cuz it's really not that hot to me. It just makes things taste bad.

Today, mum wanted to go out and look at kittens. Y'know, to adopt. Truth be told, I'm not ready for another cat just yet. But we won't be able to take in another cat until we get back from vacation, so I have a few more weeks. She really pushed to go out to this one place. As it turns out, she was checking out their website and noticed that one of their new cats looked an awful lot like Sparky. The picture on the website was too tiny to tell, so we drove out to check. There was a strong resemblance, but it obviously was not my cat. I'd have much rather stayed home than go through that.

But we saw a lot of prospective kittens to bring home. We're looking for siblings, because we saw with Sparky that she changed a lot for the worst when she became an only cat. So to prevent this, we'll adopt two cats that are related, so that we won't break up a family and still keep a happy cat. And, strangely enough, every kitten we saw came with at least one sibling, and totally fit our requirements. It's a shame we're not ready to adopt, but they were each so cute and healthy, I'm sure good homes will be found for them really soon.

It broke my heart to see this one girl cat, though. She had been adopted just three years earlier, but her owners moved and couldn't take her with them. So she was back up for adoption, and the place they gave her to quickly spayed her the day before we got there, so she wasn't feeling all too great. As soon as we walked up to her cage, she looked up and meowed with that same wail any of our cats used when they were depressed. It's sad, because she might not get adopted, simply because she's not some adorable little kitten anymore.