Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ahh, what a filling day. Let me start off by listing what I've eaten today.

- Lucky charms
- Toast with butter
- Kettle Corn

I can't believe I can run on so little food and have such full days. But then again, during Portcon I'd often only have a piece of bread for breakfast and a glass of water for dinner. Yum yum yummers.

The family went out today to look at kittens to adopt. We found two adorable little girls. One is gray, the other is a gray tabby.

The gray one is calm, and seemingly smarter than the rest of the kittens in her litter. She wasn't picking on her brothers and sisters, and didn't bounce around doing stupid things. Calm, collected, and calculating. But still playful. She'll bat at things that interest her, and she's very curious and brave. She also comes preprogrammed with a name; Twister. We may decide to get her reprogrammed, and change her name to something that'll work well with the other girly, but Twister sounds like a good name so far.

The gray tabby was put in a huge cage all alone. She's the last of her litter, and all of her brothers and sisters were sold from the garage of her mother's owner. She has the sweetest little face, and is so cute and adorable right now. She'll grow to be a really beautiful cat, since the pattern on her fur is so lovely. When we first saw her, she was cowering in a corner of her cage. She isn't socialized, and lived the two months of her life in a garage, so when little kids would stick their fingers through to pet her, she'd just flinch away a bit, but allow them to touch her. You'd get the feeling looking at her that's she's never really known happiness. How sad. when I held her, she cried really loud. We later decided she just doesn't like change. But once I sat down for a bit, and rubbed her head like I've seen mother cats do, she quieted down. But she shivered really badly. The last time I held a cat that was shaking with fear was when I decided to take Sparkle for a walk, and realized her adventurous personality stops at the property line. The reason we decided she doesn't like change is because every time she'd change arms, she'd oppose. I tried to hand her off to my dad, and she wrapped both of her little front paws around my arm and cried. When he later tried to hand her back, she hung onto his shirt, and cried. I hope she won't always be this noisy.

Gray Tabby doesn't have a name, but dad's thinking Tempest. Twister and Tempest. I'll call 'em Twist and Tampy for short, prolly. I'm a sucker for nicknames. We couldn't bring them home today, since they both need to get fixed. But they'll be in our house on Wednesday, and I am excited. We even bought some climbing furniture for them. Despite the many many cats we've had in the past, we've never bought furniture outside of scratching posts for the cats before. I'm really excited and hope they enjoy it.

Then I went to the Fair with RaeLynn. We were hoping to steal Amber away, since today is her birthday, and treat her to a fun day of cotton candy and spinning rides, but she's out of town. So we shrugged it off, and had fun our own way. We hung out with this kid of about 12 years old (along with girls about my age), who badly wanted to go on ride after ride. All the girlies were being all strict, and not letting him jump at every opportunity. I felt bad, since I wanted to go with him every time he pointed and said "Let's go on that one next!" The girlies would just groan and be all "that ride makes me sick" and then start a conversation about something like not being able to do rides like that since they started puberty and got their periods. Girls are so icky. But Little Kid and I jumped at every chance they gave us to ride a ride. We rode pretty much everything, making my all-day riding pass worth the $25. And I finally got to try out the Zipper.
Normally, everyone's too scared to try that one out with me, and I can't go it alone. I'll never understand how people can be afraid of roller coasters and carnival rides. Things like that just aren't so thrilling to me. *Says the girl who goes zip lining and makes it look like she does this every day.

I won two goldfish at the ball-toss game. Tomorrow I'll be going to the pet store to buy them food and tank supplies, as well as a fish tank. Dad told me that we still have the ten-gallon fish tank somewhere in the attic. But there is no way I'm taking care of that monstrosity for two tiny little feeder goldfish. So I'm just going to buy a nice, small, rectangular thing, and dump my fishies into it. Rae and I also named the two fishies. The one with the really white eyes is named Nadroj, while the really spastic one is named Niffirg. I hope they don't die within the week, or else I'm just going and buying new fish. There's no way I'm plopping down money for food and a tank if I'm not gonna gonna use at least half the food.

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