Monday, August 25, 2008


I have been cold all day. I just can't seem to warm up.

I am thinking of moving a chair in front of the fish tank. It seems that all I do all day anymore is watch Niffirg and Nadroj swim around. My favorite is when I put food in, and they start hunting for it. Niffirg is a glutton, and eats more than Nadroj does. I think he's just jealous of Nadroj--After all, Nadroj gets all the ladies. Who doesn't love a sleek black stripe though the fins and the tail? But Niffirg should know, eating is not the answer. He'll only get fat, and nobody wants that.

Oh God what am I saying I need to get out more.

I stopped by the school to pick up my schedule. Everything is fine, but they gave me math again this year. If I take math it eats into my time to take classes that matter, and I won't be able to graduate. So tomorrow, I go in and talk to my councilor. I expect that nobody will listen to me again this year. But this time I've got a girly-sweet outfit picked out, some tears ready, and an irate father waiting by the phone. It's my last year of school, and god damn it, I am getting what I want. I am so sick of the school fucking around with me.

Heh. Anybody sense the irony in that? I'm planning to play the victim while ultimately making them dance like puppets.

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