Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ahh, what a nice filling day. But also, a lack of food. Why does this keep happening to me? I am starving.

All day has pretty much been devoted to my new pet fish. Niffirg and Nadroj. Why can't anybody remember their names? I don't think they're that hard. I woke up early to go to the petstore. I had some bare essentials; A small tank, a fish net, some food, and a bubble thinger. But then I looked over to my side, and woah! Large puppy on a leash next to me. So I move over to the next aisle and Ah! Two large dogs. Also, an extreme lack of items I needed. Why didn't they have those rocks you put at the bottom of the fish bowl? The heck?

But I feel the need to explain the dogs. There were a lot of them, just all of a sudden. It freaked me out really bad, since one of my (outlandish) fears is smallish groups of people/animals in small spaces not doing anything. Don't laugh, it affects my every day life. So with just the few items I had, I checked-out and got the Hell out of there. As it turns out, the store was having a training day for your dogs. How very unlucky for me.

So I dumped my fish into their minimalist tank and gave them a bit of food while I did more research on them. I decided Nadroj was diseased and quarantined him while I researched a cure. As it turns out, he's not sick with what I thought he had. When I came back he was freaking out in his quarantine bowl, so I put him back in the tank. I don't even know. My fish are spaz.

I cleared out a space in my bookcase to be their permanent home. Then I went out on the town, in search of the other pet store that I actually like better because it is more well lit. I bought everything I needed with no problems (other than trying to find a small filter), and set up their tank while they waited in the largest glass we own. It turned out pretty nice, a classic-looking cheapo fish tank. With a huge freaking filter on top. When I put the fish in, they seemed to be more happy than in shock. I think they were hoping they could eat the plants. I put the tank where it goes and plugged in the bubble wand. They seemed outright gleeful. I was worried they'd fear the bubbles, but instead they love the bubbles. The bubbles are more than just their friends, the bubbles are their lovers. Their caretakers. Their family.

Anyhow. Yeah. Fish really freaking love bubbles, it's amazing. After a bit of struggle to find an outlet, I also plugged in the filter. Now, the filter is actually a bit too large for this tank (like, it doesn't really fit), but I figured it doesn't matter since fish poop needs to go somewhere. But then I saw what looked like Niffirg having an upside-down seizure. I know he's a spaz, but I didn't think he was epileptic. It took me all of three seconds to realize it was the water coming out of the filter. Violently pushing my fish around every time they swam up to the tasteful ruins in the center. so I turned it off. And now there's this big plastic hunk of junk hanging off the back of my tank, and I plan to be rid of it tomorrow morning.

Oh God, I can't believe I can talk this much about fish.

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