Thursday, March 26, 2009


Strange that I didn't make a post yesterday. I was feeling rushed all day yesterday... I was wearing my great grandfather's watch as part of a Mad Hatter costume (Disney Day at school), and it ticks very loudly. It sounded like there was a clock constantly ticking down how many seconds I had left. Years of playing timed video games has finally caught up to me.

I looked really dapper in my costume without the cheesy hat. I will be wearing that outfit again sometime.

I bought some medicine for Othello. I hope it helps him. I was poking at the cottony growth on his tail with a Q-Tip. The Q-Tip managed to get a pretty good hold of it, and then Othello twitched, and we ripped it right out of his tail. Othello is fine, just a small notch in his tail now, but it was strange how it happened. There's now a small thread growing there again, but nothing as major as before. Hopefully the medicine kills it and everything is fixed.

Oh, and I also have to hand-feed Othello now. I am trying so hard to keep this fish alive. I don't even know why.

Today I went out and bought Pokemon Platinum. I'm not sure why, but at least now I have something to occupy myself with during the long plane flights coming ahead of me.

Which reminds me! I am going on Vacation next week. It is my spring break, and for the first bit of the week I will be in California. For the second bit, I will be in Montana. I leave Sunday, probably get back Saturday, or thereabouts. I'll see if I can't drag my laptop along with me.

I love my parents. Here is a transcript from a recent conversation we had:

Kelly: So it's alright if it's just Griffin staying with us?
Dad: Yes, of course. Where is he going to sleep?
Kelly: Billy's room should be fine.
Mum: Or he could sleep in the Media Room.
Dad: Whichever he wants.
Mum: But either way, you'll have to share a bathroom.
Kelly: ... Shouldn't be a problem.

It's like, where does her mind wander when we talk? Obviously, she thinks about bathrooms.
And sharing them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



My poor goldfish. He's not dead yet, but he seems to have caught the slow-acting strain of Columnaris, or cotton mouth disease. His mouth hasn't been infected yet, though. Which is odd because that is normally where the disease begins. Comparing Othello to fish on the internet, his white fuzzies are a bit different from theirs. He might not actually have cotton mouth, but I'm taking pictures of him to the pet store tomorrow to see what we can do.

Having a sick goldfish is really depressing me.
Not to mention stressing me.

My english class has finally turned into an English class (as opposed to a Culminating Project class). Our first assignment is to write a short story, and today was spent developing two characters. Remember, oh so long ago, that I said I was writing a story? I've gone ahead and used two characters from that instead of being creative and coming up with something new. For the story I will probably be turning in, I want to rewrite when Girl meets Boy, and lead that into when Girl shares a class with Boy. Even though the events are boring (but important), the characters that appear there are colorful, outlandish, and kinda strange.

OH GOD I'm just like Stephanie Meyers. The main characters are boring in relation to the background characters. This is a horrible thing. I was just trying to make sure that nobody was mentioned unless I could give them a bit of a backstory, is all. I wanted everyone to be someone. We meet the crazy-wrong teacher who gets fired from his job, we meet the counselor who is too busy with divorce papers to care about his students, and we meet the teacher who is so bright and happy his desks are arranged in a rainbow formation. Not to mention his walls are painted YELLOW.

I really like the happy teacher, actually. So far, he is the most complex character I have. He is always bright, and happy, and smiling. His shirts are colorful and tucked in, his belt always matches his polished shoes. It is almost sickening to be around him because he is sweating joy and reeking of love. He writes in a different colored pen for every day of the week, with the intent to create a whirlwhind of color and fun and change (and because he has a specialy affinity for rainbows). But, at some point in the story, I want Girl to find him in an alley one day, drunk out of his mind and depairing over his life. "It's all fake!" His voice would break on that last word. "It's nothing but lies! My life is so f-fucked up," He'd be madly waving his bottle of whiskey around, still wrapped in its paper sack. "You God Damned kids don't under stand what it's like, don't know how h-hard it is! You ungrateful little cunts--" He'd throw his bottle of whiskey the at wall, splashing it's contents all over himself and Girl. The bottle would shatter, but most of the peices are contained within its bag. Teacher would obviously be drunk and dangerous, and Girl would run (she is too ditzy and too involved with other people to have avoided that scene in the first place).

He is a fun character, and I'm excited to see how despairing he can be. I want him to randomly text one of his students with "CUNT" in the middle of the night. And then the next day, the student will bring it up loud enough for the entire class (or at least Girl) to hear, and the teacher will have no idea what they're talking about. And it'll be believable, because Teacher is just way too nice and happy to do such a thing.

The destruction of the innocent! It is a fun thing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gun Barrel

Randomly I decided to take up jewelry making. I've already made a necklace. My favorite things are charms and bendy wires, but I'm not so fond of strings and beads. I want to add some beads to the wires, though--I think that there is potential there. I bought some jewelry making tools (pliars and such), and some nice silvery wire. I expect that I'll be spending a lot of time just making loops of wire, and not much time actually making things I can wear.

The necklace I made, by the way, is a locket. One heart locket, hanging off a birdcage with a brass key at the top. It's pretty to look at, but the birdcage is a bit awkward to wear. We'll see how it is when put into a real outfit.

Today! What a strange day. I did not go to school at all. Instead, I went to a job interview. They gave me a quiz with trick questions (got only two wrong), and asked me normal questions. I think I did alright, but I don't know if I made much of an impression. I'd kind of like to do it again, but this time have a dazzling personality. I'll find out next week if I get the job or not. I've applied to a few other jobs, though, so it's not a huge loss if I don't get it. Also, three times as many kids applied this year than last year, so it's kind of unlikely.

After the interview, I drove home, changed into normal clothes, gulped down some food, and then drove back out the way I came. The Subaru dealership happened to be on the way to the interview, and I drove past it many times today. It's a long drive. I needed to go there because they didn't add the side bumpers to my car, a feature I requested and paid for. It took them two and a half hours just to glue the damn things on. I was so damn bored. I read most of a book that I thought I would hardly break into. Damn damn damn. How frustrating.

I spent maybe five minutes at the post office. They are so much more efficient than a car dealership.

Now if you'll excuse me, I wish to take a shower.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red Rabbit

Baw, Ubiquity lost its one follower. Sorry I'm not entertaining. But let's see you write a blog post everyday! (Fuck, that is what she does.)

Today was my mum's birthday! We sang, ate cake, and opened gifts. I seem to have caught a small stomach bug, though, and nothing is agreeing with me. Half a slice of cake and a bunch of crackers later, though, and I think I'm starting to recover. Whatever, just a one-day thing.

Tomorrow I have a job interview. Wish me luck. I also have to stop by the Subaru dealership again, go by the post office, reschedule my orthodontist appointment, and schedule something else but I've forgotten what. What a busy day. I'll certainly be staying home from school. But my interview is at 11, and my next appointment after that is at 12:30, so it doesn't seem I'll be getting home any earlier than normal.

Oh God, a thought just hit me. I have $9 in my wallet, and the box I'm shipping is heavy. I hope I have enough money... I need to find some cash somewhere. Maybe I'll get that $15 mum owes me for the cat food I bought. Maybe I'll be lucky and find a few buck hanging around my room. Ugh.

Hey, have you noticed yet? I made a post on a Sunday. How strange.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have a sword
See you there
Shadow Things

Want to hold
Your white hand
Call for you (Oom Quah!)
Not that way!

With this stone couch
I will save
The game
With this stone couch
I will avoid the Queen
And set you free

I vaguely remember this, and yet it is in my head. Really, I just can't believe how well the game lent itself to the song. You'd think they were made for each other.

So I presented today! It went well. I had all girls on my board, and two of them were young and very pretty. It was strange. The third girl was young and roundish, and not so pretty but still presentable. I showed them tricks, I stammered at them, and I confessed some things that made it sound like I learned a lot about myself. Tomorrow, I find out if I passed or not, and any comments they had. I'm excited to know.

Othello is not doing well. He is hungry, but can't get to the food. I don't know how long he can stay like this. I'm considering just euthanizing him, but I really don't have the guts to drop my fish into a bowl of relaxing and poisonous water (or to chop off his head). He still has a will to live, though. Maybe he'll still get better.

I'm half hoping that he'll kill himself, after his namesake.

Aw, I've gone and made myself depressed. Poor fishy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oh man.

Oh man!

Oh God oh God... My culminating project presentation is tomorrow. I'm so stoked to be so close to finished with it. But I'm also very nervous. I'm gonna get up there, blab too much about things that don't matter and sweat profusely, all while talking waytoofast. I practiced one last time today, and ended up squashing everything into the last 30 seconds. I hope it goes better tomorrow. I also hope I actually have time to show at least one trick... In my practices, I usually show one trick and describe a few others. I'd like to do two card tricks and a coin trick. But whatever.

I'm just so close to done...!

I just got distracted and gave my presentation again in my head. Eugh.

Ack! I did it again! But this time I was presenting to my Biotech teacher. Enough of this! I am going to go take a shower and read a book until I fall asleep.

(I started presenting again on accident.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


170 posts! That is a great number. Anytime there is a seven in the number makes it a great number. It is also the 17th of March, and the number seven is green to me. Green is for St. Patrick's day. It's almost serendipitous how the numbers worked out for today. (270 miles on my car, as well.)

I took full advantage of my holiday without actually getting drunk. I did a quick jig, and they played real Scottish music at the restaurant. I pushed somebody I thought looked vaguely English, but unfortunately did not start a fight. Slow day, went all morning without a fight. Some black chicks nearly hit each other at lunch, but it wasn't the same. I then thought I would spread some Irish cheer, or something. I dunno, in the movies the foreign Irish kid is always charming and pretty, so I thought I would try to fit that stereotype. I performed magic tricks to entertain the stressed seniors around me, smiled when I gave Sean a ride home, and even answered politely when TKTWTSTE spoke to me.

Oh God, it's like some nightmare were you accidentally did something awful. Did I really talk to TKTWTSTE? I think I did. That's horrible. That's terrible. I think he started it, though. He started playing word games with the word 'luthier' (which is a really Kelly thing to do, that bastard). And then I defined it for him, and used Louis as my reference. Yes, that's what happened. I defined a word for him that I had just used in conversation with Louis.

He has a stupid voice. And a dumb hat. That idiot. Interrupted my conversation with his words.
(Geeze, why am I so hostile? I usually love those word games.)

There was more I wanted to talk about, but I am so spun up right now. I wish to punch somebody. I'd punch TKTWTSTE, but he is tall and fat in that way like the giant from Princess Bride. I'm not dumb enough to fight giants. GAH!

Oh, I just had a though. What if he is actually a really nice guy?
(As if.)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Othello has not been doing any better since his tank has been thoroughly cleaned. If anything, he is doing worse (it isn't supposed to be great to remove all the water like that). He has been refusing to eat and swim, and instead spends all of his day floating. He still kinda moves, but he is weak from lack of food. I think he may be starving himself to death. And that's really awful.

I'll be sure to make a tweet if he dies.

So the big news isn't that I've added a Twitter widget to the blog, it's that I've made a Twitter account altogether. It's yet another social networking tool that I will probably like less when too many people I know start using it. I've gone ahead and invited Amber to it, and now she won't stop making tweets. What have I done? I haven't decided if I will use Twitter Shitter to mark the boring things I am doing, or to make odd comments that have nothing to do with me.

Mostly, I just want to make a comment that gets me on the local news show. They are really hurtin' for good news.

With all of my paperwork for the project done and handed in, I find myself with a lot of free time. I should be practicing my speech for the presentation, but because I can't log the hours I don't feel the need to anymore. I just want to go in there, get it done, and find out if I will graduate when they give us our scores on Monday. Then I can focus on passing my required classes, and stop being so flaky with my Biotech homework. I get it done, I print it out, and I leave it in the printer. Or I turn it into the wrong class. My teacher must think I'm such an aweful student, since I've e-mailed him practically every major assignment.

I have a new magic trick I want to show to RaeLynn. It's a really simple trick, but I think it will be really effective. Here's how it goes: Someone (either I or the person watching) holds up a card, so that I can only see it's back. I then tell them what the card is. There is no guessing involved, I tell them exactly what is on the other side of the card. I can do this with the entire deck. I can even tell you if the Ace of Hearts or Ace of Spades is upside-down. I also have another trick I recently learned, where I put a peice of string through my trachea. It's amazingly creepy, though. Even I didn't like watching the string pull around underneath my skin. I might hold off on that one. And maybe never, ever perform it.

(I totally just went to practice that trick with some yarn. One word: Ropeburn.)

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am mostly tired and a little bit sad. I spent a large portion of my day driving about in a new car, shaking hands with greasy people, and flushing away fish poo.

The new car is nice. I moved out of the bug and into the hatchback. I've named the new car Petey Cat, because there is a button on it that says PTY/CAT and I have no idea what it does. It is so quiet I can't tell what gear I am in or if the car has turned on. I keep grinding the engine, turning the ignition when it is already on because it is so quiet I think I've stalled. When I reverse, it sounds like a toy car. When I am in first, it sounds like the Jetson's car. I have to chunka-chunka it into second, and it is smooth and quiet from then on out. There are seats for four of my friends, and cup holders that hold cups. It runs on gas. The brakes make it stop.

Othello's tank is nice and clean. I put him in a different bowl and sucked all of the water (and poop) out of the rocks. I then filled it with water again, and sucked everything out again. I could have done that ten more times and still gotten debris out of the rocks. The plastic plant is completely clean, and his castle is still prominent. Othello hated being in the bowl, and started sulking right away. And he seemed really happy to be back in his tank, he started flopping around in circles as soon as he realized he was back home. He looked really angry at me, though. He hates having his tank cleaned. Hopefully, he will be feeling better next week.

Hopefully he doesn't just up and die. There is a lot of oxygen in his tank right now, and he might eat it. And then pop.

My family went out to see Coraline tonight. I liked that movie a lot. There were two other groups in the theater, and one group was really noisy the entire time. They kept talking, saying the dumbest things. "No, no, that's not it. Oh, yes, that is it. Now start walking." The other group left before the movie really even started. When the noisy group got ridiculous (I think they thought they were the only ones in the theater) I politely told them to fuck off and shut up. ("Excuse me, we're trying to watch a movie." with that tone that says "Durr, you idiots.")

When Coraline was talking to the cat, she asked how he was able to talk to the silent Whybe. This made me really sad very suddenly. I'm not entirely sure why. But I've been stuck like that since.

I bought four DVD's today. Grudge 1, Grudge 2, Ring 1, and Ring 2.
I've never seen Ring 2, I don't think.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The field trip to the SBRI was a lot of fun. I had no idea it was the leading biomedical research institute in the country (or was it the world?). After seeing the equipment they had and the sort of work they were doing, I can believe it. But the people that worked there? They were so young! Like, recently graduated from high school or dropped out of college young. And they were all so pretty! I know that they hire a lot of students, and offer a lot of summer stuff for high school students, but that was pretty ridiculous. Do they only hire models as well? Apparently, you not only have to be a genius to be a biotechnitian, but you have to be gorgeous as well. Top of the food chain.

We dissected mosquitoes at the end. A lot of what we talked about during the tour had to do with mosquitoes infecting people with malaria. We pulled off the head of the little bugs to see the trachea and saliva glands, pulled out their sex organs, and then pulled off their back ends to expose the gut. All under a microscope. It was a little awkward to get used to the absolute lack of depth perception, but because of the way you had to use two hands to do the job, it really just seemed like a videogame.

I am experiencing two problems that are attacking my self confidence right now: My hair and my fish.

I noticed today that most of the ends of my hair are totally damaged. Split and splitting and kinking breaking all over the place. This explains why my hair has been looking so sick lately. The easy solution is to just cut it all off. But I don’t want to lose all of my hair. And I don’t know if it’s possible to get just a trim when your hair is layered. So: Not feeling so great about the way I look all of a sudden. I shall get this fixed soon.

My goldfish has been floating nonstop all week. Usually, if I don’t feed him, he doesn’t float. So if I see him swimming around the tank all happy, I know it’s time to feed him. And when he is floating around all happy, he should be left alone. He has been floating all week, and consequently has not been fed until a little while ago. But today he didn’t look happy so much. More frustrated, really. I think he may be really sick, and I think it may be my fault. I gave him some (floating) food, and he ate it with total desperation. Tomorrow, I’m giving everything in his tank a total scrub down, and he will be spending some time in my bathroom for frequent water changes.

I’ll just have to keep the bathroom door shut so the cats don’t get at him like they’ve been getting at my hair bands. I hope Othello will be okay.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay, so something interesting happened to me today, but for the life of me I can’t remember what. I seriously remember thinking “Oh, yay! Something I can put on my blog!” Augh, what was it?

… Did it have something to do with food?

I remember red rings…

… Was it while I was driving home…?

OH YEAH I remember now. I went to the book fair!

It was so much more interesting when I couldn't remember. But yes, I went to the fair being held at Rae's younger brother's school. I bought two books, and a mechanical pencil that blows my mind. One of the books I only bought because the guy on the cover reminds me of Rorschach. The other book was the cheapest in the murder mystery section. But looking closer, it is no murder mystery. I hope it's a good read at least. The new mechanical pencil looks like a real pencil, is made of wood, has a rubber eraser, but the eraser clicks and real lead comes out of the fake lead. It is just the bee's knees.

So after 166 posts, this blog now has one follower and one stalker. I suddenly feel all this pressure to perform. You two have no idea, I feel the need to entertain you now. But I'm not much of an entertainer (I talk far too fast), and all of my good jokes are inside jokes. Here, I'll show you.


Only one of you cared.

Leaving that topic to rot, I have that field trip tomorrow. I should be out the door by 6:15. So I should wake up at 5. Some quick math tells me that I will very tired tomorrow. But if I do not go on the field trip, I can leave at 8:45. It's like Sophie's choice: Go on the field trip or sleep in? Whatever, I can sleep in next week during WASL week. Which reminds me, next week is WASL week. Half days, every day.

Oh god I am so tired right now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks to Me

So I’ll probably make it home on Thursday about the same time as a normal day, if not a little bit later. But I will have to be at the ferry by 7. I’m usually not even out of bed by 7. So Thursday will be a day of waking early, driving way too much, all with a chance of catching an incurable strain of whatever virus is being worked on at the lab.

I still have Friday off, though.

In PE, we used those large rubber exercise balls that people sometimes sit on instead of office furniture. My ball was defective. It must have been, because I could not do a single one of those exercises. We started out doing this thing where you are in push-up position, but with your feet on top of the ball. Every time I'd go to put my foot up there, I'd miss because the ball had rolled halfway across the room. I'd finally get both feet up there, and fall over sideways. I once managed to get both feet on the ball, and pull my knees in to do the curling exercise. I then got stuck, lost my balance, and fell over sideways. Most of today was falling over sideways.

I also had this problem with traction. We had our stomachs on the balls, and the only thing keeping me from sliding backwards was the tips of my shoes. But obviously, I wouldn't be talking about this if that was enough and I had no problems. No, my feet had no traction, and the hellish ball would slowly roll backwards, almost as if it were trying to carefully roll me off. I would either be deposited on the floor, or I'd get stuck hanging on by my chin, lose my balance, and fall over sideways.

When we were lying on the balls sideways I would fall over half of the way, landing upright.

Tomorrow I need to take all of the CD's and LotR cassettes out of my car. Don't let me forget. I also need to make the next day's lunch, print out a few essays all properly formatted, and cut one of the tri's off my trifold board. (Also: Master Japanese. Sensei has been a nazi lately.)

Monday, March 9, 2009


Augh, man, some days are just not made to be joyful.

I had a doctor's appointment today. It was the first time they had made me put on a gown, and I had the hardest time knotting it in the back. Not to mention the gown was just plain too big for me. But whatever. I checked out fine, I am healthier than last time I saw her. I was updated on the shots I would need to attend MSU--A Meningitis shot in the arm, and a TB test. I go back in Thursday for the results of the TB test. Until then, I have a little red bump just underneath my skin.

That little red bump has been causing me some serious anxiety today. (It bled a lot when it was not supposed to.)

Oh fuck! I just remembered why I even made a doctor's appointment in the first place. My earwax has been red for over a year. (Blood red, actually.) Or, more yellow, orange, and red, with gobs of dried blood. I think it might be important. But it just keeps slipping my mind. Totally forgot to mention it today. Do you think it's connected to the nosebleeds I get when I sleep?

Thursday I have a field trip. I think I might be able to get home early that day. Around 1 o'clock, maybe 2-ish. He said we'd get back around noon, and I'm hoping that means I can get home before school gets out. I have to stop by the clinic that day, though. Even though we're going to the Seattle Biomedical Reasearch Institute, and somebody there could probably tell me the results, it is my doctor that needs to know.

Don't hold me to getting home early, though. I have no idea what the schedule will be like. For all I know, noon means 4pm.

Which reminds me, I have no school Friday. Neat.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, since I find myself with about an hour to kill before I have to be off, I think I might as well write a Ubiquity post.

Man, I wish I could find my camera. I am dazzling in my Doomsday Clock outfit--You don't get the full effect without the head accessories. I think a photoshoot is definitely in order right now. But! There is no camera. How sad is that?

We did extreme stretching in PE. My flexibility is so strange. I can't touch my toes, or even extend my legs completely when sitting down. But I had no problem putting my knee over my shoulder, and when we crossed our legs over our stomachs I was able to lie flat on my face. The lady on the video had to support herself with her arms. Boy, that lady had some leg strength, though. She could do a sumo squat for 20 minutes without any problem. Me? My legs gave out after about ten.

She also moved creepily. Someone should tell her to stop, it's not artsy OR graceful. Just frightening.

Oh man! 30 Rock is on! I forgot! I gotta go.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Micropipettes! I love using them, but I hate writing about them! And, as it turns out, I have more I need to write about them. Isn't that a shame?

So you wanted something you didn't know about Kelly, and you wanted something juicy. So I wracked my brain to think of something, and the best I could come up with was my transition from private school to public school. I am also really very tired, so we'll see how well this writes out.

After nearly dying by falling into a ditch without so much as a word from the school to my parents about it, it was decided that it was time for me to go to a normal school. Part of the reason was also because the way I was getting my rides to the speech therapist at the local school was really shifty. I have so many fun stories about going to the speech therapist.

Because I live so close to so many naval bases, kids are always coming and going in our school system. So being a new student really wasn't all that odd, and I received zero special attention from the other students because of it. They went right into treating me like their other classmates, and I got no help in figuring out how my second-grade class worked. (You know, because elementary classes all work really weirdly.) Recess was incredibly lonely at first. I met Amber during that first recess, actually. I was walking along the fence, and Amber came and walked along by me. She happened to be new to the class as well, having only just arrived a couple weeks earlier. (She actually didn't really know I was a new student in her class, she just noticed I wasn't in a clique.) I asked her her name, and she replied "A-M-B-E-R." Because of the poor education I had received, or something, I couldn't for the life of me figure out her name. Another girl from the class ran up just then, and called out her name. It was a real life saver.

Amber and I became friends simply because we were the only two girls who weren't bitchy six-year-olds trying to act like they were sixteen. Also, we both loved Beanie Babies.

Transitioning academically was much more difficult. I was years ahead of all the other kids when it came to reading and writing, and I had the ability to think like an individual. I could even write in cursive, while other kids were still practicing their letters. But I was piss poor at mathematics, and I couldn't tell the time on a clock. My teacher felt the best way to correct this was to give me every math assignment I had missed, and have me do them as homework. I did almost none of them, and still do almost none of my math homework. While other kids in the class were beginning to grasp multiplication, I was just starting to understand addition. It stayed that way for the rest of the schoolyear. I even developed a technique of counting on my fingers that didn't involve sitcking them into the air, so other kids wouldn't notice how bad I sucked.

I guess I grew out of my mathematical slump, because I would spend the rest of my years (until last year) in the toughest math classes offered to my grade. There was once where I even asked to be put in a more difficult math class.

Socially, I waxed and waned. I remember, at one point early in the transition, my popularity suddenly bloomed. There were girls on either side of me, tugging my arms in opposite directions so that I would play with them, and not the other girls. I had no idea who any of them were, but they knew me really well. Kids on the bus greeted me, and I was supremely embarrassed that I couldn't even say their names. I had always wondered if I had done something that was really cool, but never realized it.

I promptly went ahead and made a lot of enemies with these girls (they were the horrible sorts of people, anyways) and made friends with the social rejects. They really weren't all that strange, they were just like me in the fact that they saw that the other girls were really dumb. We formed a club, which was broken up by the recess teacher, and I'm still fairly close with all of those girls.

I like talking about my elementary school days. They were kinda strange... Maybe I'll talk about them more, later.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Move

Auughh hack hack cough.

There is this thing in my throat, but I can't wash it down with water. It has been there all day, choking me into coughing. It is probably the most annoying thing in the world. The only thing that might be more annoying will be explained to you right now.

So you remember TKWWTSTE, right? Of course you do. While I still inexplicably hate him with every fiber of my being, we have developed a sort of mutual avoidance of eachother. It seems every day when I am leaving class he is entering at the same time. So we both just squish as far over to our respectful sides of the door, and do our best not to come in contact. The same happens in the hallway as well. This is annoying, because it means he has noticed me, and is attempting not to touch me for some reason.

Either I'm so outwardly hostile towards him he had to notice, or I'm just so attractive he had to notice eventually. I'm not really okay with the first one, and I am morally opposed to the second one.
(So now I just hate him more.)

We are folding 1,000 cranes in Japanese. Louis and I average about six together a day, while Sean just sits with both his feet on my desk. This wouldn't be interesting, except that we apparantly make more than some of sensei's other classes, who are also supposed to be working towards the goal. At this rate, we will never get to 1,000.

Just like Sadako, we'll never make it.