Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, since I find myself with about an hour to kill before I have to be off, I think I might as well write a Ubiquity post.

Man, I wish I could find my camera. I am dazzling in my Doomsday Clock outfit--You don't get the full effect without the head accessories. I think a photoshoot is definitely in order right now. But! There is no camera. How sad is that?

We did extreme stretching in PE. My flexibility is so strange. I can't touch my toes, or even extend my legs completely when sitting down. But I had no problem putting my knee over my shoulder, and when we crossed our legs over our stomachs I was able to lie flat on my face. The lady on the video had to support herself with her arms. Boy, that lady had some leg strength, though. She could do a sumo squat for 20 minutes without any problem. Me? My legs gave out after about ten.

She also moved creepily. Someone should tell her to stop, it's not artsy OR graceful. Just frightening.

Oh man! 30 Rock is on! I forgot! I gotta go.

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