Tuesday, March 17, 2009


170 posts! That is a great number. Anytime there is a seven in the number makes it a great number. It is also the 17th of March, and the number seven is green to me. Green is for St. Patrick's day. It's almost serendipitous how the numbers worked out for today. (270 miles on my car, as well.)

I took full advantage of my holiday without actually getting drunk. I did a quick jig, and they played real Scottish music at the restaurant. I pushed somebody I thought looked vaguely English, but unfortunately did not start a fight. Slow day, went all morning without a fight. Some black chicks nearly hit each other at lunch, but it wasn't the same. I then thought I would spread some Irish cheer, or something. I dunno, in the movies the foreign Irish kid is always charming and pretty, so I thought I would try to fit that stereotype. I performed magic tricks to entertain the stressed seniors around me, smiled when I gave Sean a ride home, and even answered politely when TKTWTSTE spoke to me.

Oh God, it's like some nightmare were you accidentally did something awful. Did I really talk to TKTWTSTE? I think I did. That's horrible. That's terrible. I think he started it, though. He started playing word games with the word 'luthier' (which is a really Kelly thing to do, that bastard). And then I defined it for him, and used Louis as my reference. Yes, that's what happened. I defined a word for him that I had just used in conversation with Louis.

He has a stupid voice. And a dumb hat. That idiot. Interrupted my conversation with his words.
(Geeze, why am I so hostile? I usually love those word games.)

There was more I wanted to talk about, but I am so spun up right now. I wish to punch somebody. I'd punch TKTWTSTE, but he is tall and fat in that way like the giant from Princess Bride. I'm not dumb enough to fight giants. GAH!

Oh, I just had a though. What if he is actually a really nice guy?
(As if.)

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