Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have a sword
See you there
Shadow Things

Want to hold
Your white hand
Call for you (Oom Quah!)
Not that way!

With this stone couch
I will save
The game
With this stone couch
I will avoid the Queen
And set you free

I vaguely remember this, and yet it is in my head. Really, I just can't believe how well the game lent itself to the song. You'd think they were made for each other.

So I presented today! It went well. I had all girls on my board, and two of them were young and very pretty. It was strange. The third girl was young and roundish, and not so pretty but still presentable. I showed them tricks, I stammered at them, and I confessed some things that made it sound like I learned a lot about myself. Tomorrow, I find out if I passed or not, and any comments they had. I'm excited to know.

Othello is not doing well. He is hungry, but can't get to the food. I don't know how long he can stay like this. I'm considering just euthanizing him, but I really don't have the guts to drop my fish into a bowl of relaxing and poisonous water (or to chop off his head). He still has a will to live, though. Maybe he'll still get better.

I'm half hoping that he'll kill himself, after his namesake.

Aw, I've gone and made myself depressed. Poor fishy.

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