Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay, so something interesting happened to me today, but for the life of me I can’t remember what. I seriously remember thinking “Oh, yay! Something I can put on my blog!” Augh, what was it?

… Did it have something to do with food?

I remember red rings…

… Was it while I was driving home…?

OH YEAH I remember now. I went to the book fair!

It was so much more interesting when I couldn't remember. But yes, I went to the fair being held at Rae's younger brother's school. I bought two books, and a mechanical pencil that blows my mind. One of the books I only bought because the guy on the cover reminds me of Rorschach. The other book was the cheapest in the murder mystery section. But looking closer, it is no murder mystery. I hope it's a good read at least. The new mechanical pencil looks like a real pencil, is made of wood, has a rubber eraser, but the eraser clicks and real lead comes out of the fake lead. It is just the bee's knees.

So after 166 posts, this blog now has one follower and one stalker. I suddenly feel all this pressure to perform. You two have no idea, I feel the need to entertain you now. But I'm not much of an entertainer (I talk far too fast), and all of my good jokes are inside jokes. Here, I'll show you.


Only one of you cared.

Leaving that topic to rot, I have that field trip tomorrow. I should be out the door by 6:15. So I should wake up at 5. Some quick math tells me that I will very tired tomorrow. But if I do not go on the field trip, I can leave at 8:45. It's like Sophie's choice: Go on the field trip or sleep in? Whatever, I can sleep in next week during WASL week. Which reminds me, next week is WASL week. Half days, every day.

Oh god I am so tired right now.

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