Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ahahaha, it's one of those weeks where I don't know where I'll find the time to do everything, so I hardly do anything.

I may or may not be going crazy from stress ffffffffff I probably just need more sleep and a better diet. Actually, less sleep and a better diet. I didn't get out of bed until 1pm today.

If I can get one big thing done tomorrow, I'll feel a little better. If I can get two big things mostly done, I will feel back on track! Too bad I have three big things to do! Four big things to do? Six, if you count the next two weeks!

Bah! Pah! Bah! This is going to be the most incoherent Ubiquity post I've made yet, I think.

This is the most upbeat cartoon character I've ever seen. I don't know how he does it! Maybe he's been hit on the head too many times?

No worries, daughter Eliza! So you ran off into the Andes mountains by yourself shortly after tricking me, and then climbed too high and fainted from lack of oxygen! During a snow storm! And I had to build a snow house out of my own two hands and save you from a certain death! I probably would have done the same thing as a boy! Don't tell your mother. Good show.

Oh my! We seem to be sinking in quicksand! On our anniversary! In complete isolation from the rest of the world! No worries, it's still romantic!

Would you look at that! My oldest daughter drove our home off of a cliff and into a riverbed during a flood! Welp, I'm just gonna build a silly little boat! Nobody's in trouble at all! And while I sleep that night, all of my children will disappear! Smashing!

But his spirit breaks when he has trouble tracking an incredibly rare animal that is hardly ever seen by humans. This man is my hero.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lid it Up

I have this really big pad of old newsprint that my mother bought when I was little. It's like two and a half feet long, the pages are huge. And then I have a smaller pad that's only a foot and a half long--But that's still pretty big. Whenever I do a project that might be messy, like painting something, I lay down a piece of this newsprint paper. I'd rather lay down regular ol' newspaper, but that stuff is hard to find. So yellowed newsprint it is!

I taped a sheet down onto my desk the other day because I wanted to paint some felt. I haven't bothered to take it off, because I love having paper on my desk like this to write and take notes on.

Anyways, I drew a bird on the paper:

That's the whole point of this story. I wanted to show somebody this bird I drew, before I inevitably rip it off my desk by accident. I love this bird, it looks great in real life. It's also sideways, and about six inches long.

I don't know why I drew it sideways on the paper.

I also drew it all in pen. Colored it with colored pencils.

This is how I spend my time.

I wish I had a better camera.