Thursday, May 28, 2009


For the opening of this post, imagine that I am griping about school. Think of your own reason for what may be bothering me today. Perhaps the bells are too loud? Perhaps the homework is too tedious. Perhaps, just perhaps, today I opened my locker and a thousand maggots came spewing out. Imagine something, and we can pretend it happened to me today at school.

Because today was just another boring day at school.

We talked to the guy that might be pulling my teeth. (As it turns out, he is retiring, and his associate is pulling me tooth.) There was a lot of confusion about which tooth they are pulling out. Apparently, my one and only wisdom tooth just looks like another molar. AND AND AND! Big news! I have another wisdom tooth coming in! So he thought we were pulling out the one that did not have roots yet and was deep in my gums. Not the one that totally didn't have braces on it or anything and was totally ready to be pulled.

We got it cleared up, but a few phone calls had to be made. It was kinda weird.

I finished that thing I was making with the lime green yarn. The arm warmers turned out pretty well, and I do think my twin will like wearing them when it is cold out. They get pretty warm. Though, I made a mistake, and one is slightly shorter than the other. I will point this out to her, we will laugh, and then I will stretch one of them a bit so she doesn't notice.

While I was clipping some yarn, I decided to do it like an idiot and clip the bottom of my ring finger while I was at it. It didn't look bad at first, but then it started bleeding. Quite a lot, actually, blood was running down my finger and everything. And my only thought was "Dammit, now I have to wait until I'm done bleeding before I can finish this project. I don't want to get blood all over everything."

And then I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to use my Hello Kitty band aids! I have been waiting years for an excuse to slap on one of these bright pink suckers. Usually I just don't care and let my wounds heal in the open air. But this time! This time, I wanted to stem the flow and move on with my life. So I did. And now I put the band aid on too tight and it is a little uncomfortable.

Okay, I just had a can of soda, and the caffeine is really affecting me. I was seriously just considering getting up and working out (I finally found a workout that I like! It involves punching.) but then I realized it is a bad idea to exercise before bed. It has been a long time since caffeine has done anything to me, I am wondering what has changed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Arrg, why won't school just hurry up and be over? I wish to get on with my life. I need the highschool chapter to be closed.

I went to the craft store really fast today and bought some yarn, on impulse. As well as a new crocheting magazine. I'm really proud that I could find some lime-green yarn today. I've been looking for some for about a month now. So it's about time I came across it.

This green yarn is so soft... I think I'll make some armwarmers out of it for my twin. She likes this shade of green.

So it looks like I will not be going on that field trip in Japanese, and will instead be having my (one) wisdom tooth removed this Thursday. According to RaeLynn, having these specific teeth pulled is major surgery. I honestly don't know how it could be any different than getting regular teeth pulled, and I've had plenty molars pulled before. They gas you, numb you, fill your mouth full of cotton, and then yank your head around for a bit. Afterward, they replace the cotton with more cotton, remove the gas, and let you lie around for a bit before pushing you off to your home.

... I think I'll do some Googling and find out some differences.

Okay, I see what can make removing wisdom teeth so traumatizing as to call it major surgery. They generally have more roots than the normal tooth, which might cause problems. The roots might also grow in wrong (like being bent underneath another tooth) or the tooth might still be under the skin so you'd have to dig it out in little peices. I have none of these problems, though. My x-rays show that my singular wisdom tooth's roots are straight and normal, and I know my tooth has surfaced because I've been using it to eat. Extraction and healing should be no problem for me.

And as it turns out, being gassed is an option. I could go without any sedatives if I wished. But I would like to be gassed. I'm not nervous about having my teeth removed at all, but I am PMSing, and I have plenty to be emotionally unstable about right now. It would be awkward if I started crying or suddenly became furious during the procedure.

Major surgery? Hah! Minor surgery!
You don't know major surgery until somebody has been inside of you through a freshly-made orifice.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Anti-Inflammatory Paste

Anybody else noticing the severe lack of posts lately? Sorry about that. Guess I'm getting a bit lazy.

In fact, I'm feeling pretty lazy about it right now, and I kinda want to just roll over and go to sleep instead of type things out. So maybe I'll keep tonight's post a bit shirt. I mean short.

I need to get working on plushies for friends. I've got three requests, and they're all complicated in their own way. And I pretty much have the same due-date for everyone: Just a few weeks from now. I suppose if I started working diligently now I'd have no problem cranking them out, but... Gosh. It's still a lot of work. And I'm kinda sick of bringing my yarn to school.

There are so few days left of school. It's freaking me out. I always get this way at the end of the schoolyear. I feel like I'm running out of time and start panicking a little bit. It used to be that I'd start getting panicked, flustered, and irritable with no clear reason why. But just a few years ago I linked it with the end of the schoolyear and realized it was the cause of my invisible problems. It's like one giant due date looming over my head. I gotta get everything done, or else I won't pass.

Ughhggg. I spent a good chunk of today just doing homework. I was considering skipping school tomorrow, but I want to get all this work turned it. I finished it on time and damnit, I want to follow through!

... Christ, I hope I can graduate on time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today I sent out my graduation announcements. I was mostly done with them, when I realized I had forgotten to put my name in all of them. So I had to go back, rip them all open, and stick this stupid little card inside them before taping them shut. What a horrific pain.

I looked up the addresses of some of my friends so that I could send them announcements as well. But I decided against sending them anything, since it would be kinda creepy. I'm not all that close to these people--I just know where they live.

So it looks like I will be having my wisdom tooth removed. I'm not so excited, I hate having teeth pulled. It isn't the actual pulling, or the pain that comes afterward that I hate. It's the healing process that makes me cringe. Weeks of sore spots in your mouth where your teeth should be. Tender and bleeding, with food getting caught in them almost constantly. One potato chip shard angled the wrong way, and tears will be streaming down your face. I want none of it!

But if I have it removed, my braces will come off a lot sooner. As it is, that one wisdom tooth is completely in the way of everything. It's like some wall keeping my teeth from moving to where they need to be. So if it is gone, my teeth can move quickly and freely. Then I can get back to flossing in a timely manner.

... I am tired and depressed. I think I will shut the computer off and sleep now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pot of Gold

Sorry for not posting for a week. I took a week off because I was feeling quite lovesick. And also because this was my 200th post, and I wanted to do something special, but got lazy.

So here, I'll post my favorite pictures I've taken from this weekend, the top five. An unplanned special event.

5. This picture captures the spirit of the evening. Jeff's smile was so perfect.

4. My rein of terror has begun. You can tell I didn't take this shot, because I wouldn't have let the camera focus on the jester hat in the foreground.

3. It was a tie between this picture and this picture. I decided I liked the suggestive angle of this one better. Also: One of the few pictures I have of Griffin that day were he wasn't pulling a face.

2. I love this image because it is so terrible. My mum is such a bad photographer. But because it has that classic done-at-home feel to it, I want to put it in a photo album and sell it to a flea market.

1. Annnd... Here is my top favorite: Griff and I holding hands. With a bit of color editing, this image would be gold.

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I only took shots one and three. I might have taken number five. I guess I just really like shoddy photographs.

This all reminds me that I should upload these to social networking sites. Eh, I'll do it later.

Friday, May 8, 2009


So I woke up this morning and had an epiphany. About that water assignment. (The assignment wasn't actually about water. It was about DNA technologies and electrophoresis.) I did some quick research on a simple idea we have only vaguely touched on in class, and got everything typed up. All in under 2o minutes.

If I can do this in college, I am getting a PHD.

My senior photos have been posted online! -LINK

I forgot my shoes, pirate boots, pirate sash, and there was a hole in my pants. The session consisted of "Tilt your chin to the left, now to the right, lean back..." so the photos look kinda funny all in a row like that. My favorite is the succession of the first three. It goes Dopey Smile - Awkward Tilt - ADD. Hilarious.

Ugh, I can't look at myself anymore. That copy-paste smile is creeping me out. And making me smile.
Also: Since when were my teeth so yellow? My teeth are immaculate.

Okay, now I have to talk about my teeth. And how much I freak out over them. I don't even know why. I swear to God, I didn't care about them for about five years, and never brushed during that time. Then all of a sudden, BAM my teeth are number one on my beauty regime. I'll admit that I don't brush twice a day, just brush once. And I often leave sticky foods like icecream on my teeth all night. But who else do you know owns their own dental tools? Who isn't a dentist, that is. I can't floss compulsively (Yes--a flossing compulsion) now that I have braces, but nothing is stopping me from swishing with mouthwash during leisurely moments. I carry around a tiny toothbrush, no bigger than my pinky, and brush away foods immediately after meals. I'm always checking, scratching, picking at my teeth.

Augh! Teeth. They will never be clean enough! I need to go brush.

Before I go:
Floccinoccinihilipilification - To belittle something; to perceive as useless.
I spelled it correctly on my own.


ALSO: Floccinoccinihilipilificatrix is the feminine form. And I will fight you to the death if you say otherwise.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I didn't do that homework yesterday. And I doubt I will be doing it tonight. I really want to get it done... I just don't want to do it. I'm having trouble researching it since it is such a vague topic.

Seriously, the assignment is something like "Write 100 words about water, and don't tell me something I already know." So I Google water, and I can't get anything new. Because it's just water and there is a lot of information about it, but at the same time very little.

I wish I had an encyclopedia set. I'd just copy a paragraph out of there and call it good.

I took my senior portrait today! They mostly came out very well. He was actually a good photographer--His final images don't have a signature touch, but everything he shot was great and worthy of framing anyways. I know a lot of photographers that take a lot of pictures and the final one they decide on is tweaked and made beautiful and personal, but they have a load of useless and ugly images. This guy was a breath of fresh air.

Anyways, the photographer will post them online in his store. I'll be posting the link. You'll be able to see them all, and even order a copy, but I don't know if they'll be retouched. So you might have to deal with the two and a half pimples that appeared on my face this morning.
... Not that I'm expecting you to order copies. Who am I even talking to?

Auugh, I've caught senioritis. There was an article in the school paper about it. And I seem to have many of the symptoms they described. So what do I plan to do about it? I plan to continue to be lazy, do only what needs to be done to graduate, have an unearned sense of entitlement, walk pretentiously, pretend to be sick so I can skip school, stay up late, and argue with my teachers. I might even throw spontaneous class parties, avoid studying, and draw during class.

(I have done all these things in the past month.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I can't believe it, I seriously forgot about this homework assignment. I was hoping to get to bed at a normal time, but now it seems I will be staying up late again, working for school.

At least it probably won't take as long to finish this one, as opposed to yesterday's.

I am taking my senior pictures tomorrow. Part of my beauty regime was to get a good night's sleep. Not any more! Now I'm gonna have pictures where I look cute and tired. And they will be on all of my graduation invitations. How annoying.

I am bringing a pirate costume with me to the photoshoot. Arr!
(Sensible clothes will also be brought.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am making a blog post because it is important to me that I do this every weekday, if not every day.

But, I have to write a short story for one of my classes. I've written half of it over the weeks, but now I need to finish it tonight. Finish writing, editing, typing, and compiling.

When I finish it, I may post it here, in segments. Or not. I don't really care.

But for right now, I need to be writing other things.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Equestrian Feline Cold

Do you remember those birds that lived in the ceiling above my bed? They're not there anymore, in case you were wondering, but I do have reason to believe that their family still lives in this house. It seems that some birds that have the same chirp have moved into the area above my fireplace. A lot of animals hide out in there when it storms like this, but simply because it sounds like the same birds, I'm thinking these ones are here to stay.

This also has my cat, Stormy, all freaked out. She's downstairs right now throwing her toys around, stomping, and running into walls.

Did I ever tell you that Sparkle would stomp? Just stomp? For fun. Well, now she's gone and replaced with Stormy, who also stomps for fun. Stomp stomp stomp, it is such a weird thing to see a cat do.

Anyways, she noticed the birds at the same time I did. She sat on top of the fireplace all freaked out, just waiting for the birds to make more noise. While I was trying to calm her down, they chirped a little bit. So she howled back at them, and tried to climb her way up the brick to go get them. I felt charitable, so I gave her a boost. Just held her up a little higher. We're best friends now, it seems. She's whoring herself out to try to get me to boost her up again, because this time, she's gonna get them.

I keep picking her up, and it makes her so happy and excited. She thinks we're gonna go see the birds, but really I'm bringing her into mum's room so we can bother the other cat that is trying to sleep. Heh.

Enough about the cats. Let's talk about swine flu.

... No, I'm bored of the swine flu. It's like the avian bird flu, but with less words. Let's talk about the murder mystery we are solving in Biotech.

... No, Biotech for me is becoming like cleaning to a janitor. I'll do it during the day, if I have to, and I might even enjoy it, but once I'm home I'm done with it. How about we just stop talking, and I go do a little bit of homework (a lot of homework, actually) that I have been putting off. Sounds good to me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Cried

We have pollen storms here. Does that happen anywhere else? Clouds of pollen will float down the streets, causing general havoc. They always seem to come by just after you've finished washing the yellow from your car. Also: If you don't wash the pollen off your car, it will eat away at the paint and rot the rubber. It accumulates in the side of the street, making random yellow patches, and then settles down so firmly that the wind can't blow it away. Our gutter drain looks like a puddle of sick, since it is yellow-black from pollen and grime. Pollen rotted out our back deck a few years ago, so we had to rebuild a new one.

It has been pollen season for about two weeks now.

I bring this up because I am suffering from allergies. This has never happened to me before. In fact, I've managed to go the entire two weeks (up until today) without any sort of allergy problems. But we did some running outside today in PE, and I wanted to push myself. It has been a long time since I have run full-speed since I usually have to pace myself for endurance. But today was just a short run, and I wanted to see how fast I was compared to the rest of the class. I am still well above average though not quite fastest, but my legs have gotten wobbly, causing me to feel like I am moving faster than my feet can go. I'll bet I looked like an idiot, with my legs flailing all over the place.

Where was I going with this? Right! Allergies. Well, the point is that I pushed myself to run hard, and that caused me to breath hard. Breathing hard like that triggered my asthma, which was quite painful. Not having my inhaler anywhere nearby (we were told we were going for a walk, not a run), I had to stop. Now, my body is overreacting to the slightest bit of dust, dirt, and pollen in an attempt to keep me from triggering another attack. I kinda hate my immune system.

... I have to wonder. All my life, when we would run in PE, I would be one of the fastest. But I always had to slow down way before anyone else, simply because I was breathing too hard. My muscles would be fine, and I wouldn't even have broken a sweat, but I would be gasping like a fish after just a quarter mile. If I never had asthma, and simply getting enough air was never a problem, do you think I'd be able to log under 12 minutes for a mile? Because 12 minutes is pitiful. I know I have strong leg muscles, and I know I have good muscular endurance in the leg region. I just can't breath.

I wanted to join track back in Jr. High. I've always loved running, I just hate feeling short of breath. I wasn't able to do the running required, otherwise I would have been a long-jumper. We were doing long-jumps in PE one day, and I remember getting a distance that wowed the teacher and put all the other students to shame. It would have worked well for me, too, to be a long jumper. It is short bursts of speed, followed by a jump. And jumps are great, because they are a lot like falling, and falling is just about the best thing in the world. I also had no fear of landing on my butt, but I have a great sense of balance that keeps me landing on my feet anyways.

Whatever. I'm just gonna go make a voodoo doll, and forget all about this.