Thursday, May 7, 2009


I didn't do that homework yesterday. And I doubt I will be doing it tonight. I really want to get it done... I just don't want to do it. I'm having trouble researching it since it is such a vague topic.

Seriously, the assignment is something like "Write 100 words about water, and don't tell me something I already know." So I Google water, and I can't get anything new. Because it's just water and there is a lot of information about it, but at the same time very little.

I wish I had an encyclopedia set. I'd just copy a paragraph out of there and call it good.

I took my senior portrait today! They mostly came out very well. He was actually a good photographer--His final images don't have a signature touch, but everything he shot was great and worthy of framing anyways. I know a lot of photographers that take a lot of pictures and the final one they decide on is tweaked and made beautiful and personal, but they have a load of useless and ugly images. This guy was a breath of fresh air.

Anyways, the photographer will post them online in his store. I'll be posting the link. You'll be able to see them all, and even order a copy, but I don't know if they'll be retouched. So you might have to deal with the two and a half pimples that appeared on my face this morning.
... Not that I'm expecting you to order copies. Who am I even talking to?

Auugh, I've caught senioritis. There was an article in the school paper about it. And I seem to have many of the symptoms they described. So what do I plan to do about it? I plan to continue to be lazy, do only what needs to be done to graduate, have an unearned sense of entitlement, walk pretentiously, pretend to be sick so I can skip school, stay up late, and argue with my teachers. I might even throw spontaneous class parties, avoid studying, and draw during class.

(I have done all these things in the past month.)

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