Monday, May 18, 2009

Pot of Gold

Sorry for not posting for a week. I took a week off because I was feeling quite lovesick. And also because this was my 200th post, and I wanted to do something special, but got lazy.

So here, I'll post my favorite pictures I've taken from this weekend, the top five. An unplanned special event.

5. This picture captures the spirit of the evening. Jeff's smile was so perfect.

4. My rein of terror has begun. You can tell I didn't take this shot, because I wouldn't have let the camera focus on the jester hat in the foreground.

3. It was a tie between this picture and this picture. I decided I liked the suggestive angle of this one better. Also: One of the few pictures I have of Griffin that day were he wasn't pulling a face.

2. I love this image because it is so terrible. My mum is such a bad photographer. But because it has that classic done-at-home feel to it, I want to put it in a photo album and sell it to a flea market.

1. Annnd... Here is my top favorite: Griff and I holding hands. With a bit of color editing, this image would be gold.

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I only took shots one and three. I might have taken number five. I guess I just really like shoddy photographs.

This all reminds me that I should upload these to social networking sites. Eh, I'll do it later.

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