Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today I sent out my graduation announcements. I was mostly done with them, when I realized I had forgotten to put my name in all of them. So I had to go back, rip them all open, and stick this stupid little card inside them before taping them shut. What a horrific pain.

I looked up the addresses of some of my friends so that I could send them announcements as well. But I decided against sending them anything, since it would be kinda creepy. I'm not all that close to these people--I just know where they live.

So it looks like I will be having my wisdom tooth removed. I'm not so excited, I hate having teeth pulled. It isn't the actual pulling, or the pain that comes afterward that I hate. It's the healing process that makes me cringe. Weeks of sore spots in your mouth where your teeth should be. Tender and bleeding, with food getting caught in them almost constantly. One potato chip shard angled the wrong way, and tears will be streaming down your face. I want none of it!

But if I have it removed, my braces will come off a lot sooner. As it is, that one wisdom tooth is completely in the way of everything. It's like some wall keeping my teeth from moving to where they need to be. So if it is gone, my teeth can move quickly and freely. Then I can get back to flossing in a timely manner.

... I am tired and depressed. I think I will shut the computer off and sleep now.

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