Monday, May 4, 2009

Equestrian Feline Cold

Do you remember those birds that lived in the ceiling above my bed? They're not there anymore, in case you were wondering, but I do have reason to believe that their family still lives in this house. It seems that some birds that have the same chirp have moved into the area above my fireplace. A lot of animals hide out in there when it storms like this, but simply because it sounds like the same birds, I'm thinking these ones are here to stay.

This also has my cat, Stormy, all freaked out. She's downstairs right now throwing her toys around, stomping, and running into walls.

Did I ever tell you that Sparkle would stomp? Just stomp? For fun. Well, now she's gone and replaced with Stormy, who also stomps for fun. Stomp stomp stomp, it is such a weird thing to see a cat do.

Anyways, she noticed the birds at the same time I did. She sat on top of the fireplace all freaked out, just waiting for the birds to make more noise. While I was trying to calm her down, they chirped a little bit. So she howled back at them, and tried to climb her way up the brick to go get them. I felt charitable, so I gave her a boost. Just held her up a little higher. We're best friends now, it seems. She's whoring herself out to try to get me to boost her up again, because this time, she's gonna get them.

I keep picking her up, and it makes her so happy and excited. She thinks we're gonna go see the birds, but really I'm bringing her into mum's room so we can bother the other cat that is trying to sleep. Heh.

Enough about the cats. Let's talk about swine flu.

... No, I'm bored of the swine flu. It's like the avian bird flu, but with less words. Let's talk about the murder mystery we are solving in Biotech.

... No, Biotech for me is becoming like cleaning to a janitor. I'll do it during the day, if I have to, and I might even enjoy it, but once I'm home I'm done with it. How about we just stop talking, and I go do a little bit of homework (a lot of homework, actually) that I have been putting off. Sounds good to me.

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