Thursday, May 28, 2009


For the opening of this post, imagine that I am griping about school. Think of your own reason for what may be bothering me today. Perhaps the bells are too loud? Perhaps the homework is too tedious. Perhaps, just perhaps, today I opened my locker and a thousand maggots came spewing out. Imagine something, and we can pretend it happened to me today at school.

Because today was just another boring day at school.

We talked to the guy that might be pulling my teeth. (As it turns out, he is retiring, and his associate is pulling me tooth.) There was a lot of confusion about which tooth they are pulling out. Apparently, my one and only wisdom tooth just looks like another molar. AND AND AND! Big news! I have another wisdom tooth coming in! So he thought we were pulling out the one that did not have roots yet and was deep in my gums. Not the one that totally didn't have braces on it or anything and was totally ready to be pulled.

We got it cleared up, but a few phone calls had to be made. It was kinda weird.

I finished that thing I was making with the lime green yarn. The arm warmers turned out pretty well, and I do think my twin will like wearing them when it is cold out. They get pretty warm. Though, I made a mistake, and one is slightly shorter than the other. I will point this out to her, we will laugh, and then I will stretch one of them a bit so she doesn't notice.

While I was clipping some yarn, I decided to do it like an idiot and clip the bottom of my ring finger while I was at it. It didn't look bad at first, but then it started bleeding. Quite a lot, actually, blood was running down my finger and everything. And my only thought was "Dammit, now I have to wait until I'm done bleeding before I can finish this project. I don't want to get blood all over everything."

And then I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to use my Hello Kitty band aids! I have been waiting years for an excuse to slap on one of these bright pink suckers. Usually I just don't care and let my wounds heal in the open air. But this time! This time, I wanted to stem the flow and move on with my life. So I did. And now I put the band aid on too tight and it is a little uncomfortable.

Okay, I just had a can of soda, and the caffeine is really affecting me. I was seriously just considering getting up and working out (I finally found a workout that I like! It involves punching.) but then I realized it is a bad idea to exercise before bed. It has been a long time since caffeine has done anything to me, I am wondering what has changed.

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