Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Evil Clowns

I got my braces off yesterday! It was such a momentous occasion. I took a bunch of pictures of myself eating foods that I haven't been able to eat in forever. It was pretty great. I have been eating so many things these past couple of days that I'm pretty sure I will pop in my sleep tonight. I'm not completely done with dental appliances, though. They glued this small wire onto the backs of my two front teeth because they started to split apart a bit at the very end. It's really frustrating that those two teeth were having absolutely no problems keeping together until the very end. So now I'm stuck with this wire for forever, they said. I'm not okay with that, though, because I technically still have the same limitations on the foods I can bite down on with this thing, and it's really cutting up my tongue and it's giving me a lisp. They said they can tke it off in a year if I really hate it, and I think I will take them up on that offer. I haven't had an appliance-free mouth with all of its teeth since like, third grade, and I would really like to get back to that point soon.

I also have my invisalign retainer. It's a bit of a pain and I lisp really bad with it, but it's not so bad. I hate the way it feels, and it's a lot more intrusive than that little wire, but it doesn't annoy me so much for some reason. Probably because I can take it out whenever I want.

It's my spring break! Whee. I'm at home for a week, and I have very few plans to do anything. So I'm doing a lot of vegging out and lazing about. I have a few things that I need to get done this week, but I kinda doubt that I will have the will to do any of it. I'm excited for the few plans I have, and I guess I enjoy the fact that I don't have to fuss with homework or exams. But I left all of my entertainment things in Montana, so there isn't anything fun to do. Just some knitting and a couple boring books for class. At least I have my piano for a week, I can try to learn that one song I've been wanting to learn for forever. Too bad this week is already like, half over. Eugh.

I ate a lot and now I am feeling lazy. I guess I will go to bed now.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yikes, I have an exam in a few hours. I don't feel all that ready for it. I don't want to go you can't make me go!

I get back the exam I took on Friday. I think I did pretty well on it, so I'm not so worried to see my grade. But there's still that niggling feeling that I might have completely bombed and just not realized it. That has happened to me so many times before, but usually only in math classes.

I get my braces off in a week! Woohoo! I am so excited. I can hardly wait! I think my braces know it's going to happen, too, because I've like four brackets that have broken off. I don't even know how they came off, I think they just sort of unattached themselves overnight or something. I don't mind very much, since most of them are on my lower jaw, and my lower jaw hasn't had any changes made to it in over half a year. Maybe even closer to an actual year. The only thing I worry about is them moving about while I'm eating and scratching up my teeth. I'll be so angry if my teeth are all scratched up.

Speaking of one week, I am excited to go home for spring break. I'll finally have a chance to go to Seattle for a day, and I plan to buy all the chewy candies in Uwajimaya that I haven't had since my braces got put on. I'm also excited just to have copious amounts of free time that do not involve homework and writing papers and whatnot.

Oh, shoot! I forgot to do my Japanese homework! It's all due tomorrow. What a pain.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Oh, hey there, Ubiquity. I was actually going to go write my midterm paper for a class that I don't give two shits about--Hm? What's that? You say you miss my entries, and would like me to stay and talk for a while? Well, alright then, Ubiquity, I'll put off this paper for you (and probably stay up all night because of it), because you've been such a good friend.

So I'm in this class, right? It's called CLS. It has no direction and no real curriculum, but it does involve a lot of reading, writing, and really tense discussion. The discussions are tense because we are being graded on them, and it's really important that we all pass this class. It's a US credit (whatever that means), so it's required to graduate, and it can only be taken as a Freshman. Once you're done being a Freshman, I don't really think you can get a US credit anymore. I don't understand why they did that, but whatever.

Okay, so this CLS class. It's a bullshit class, and I'm pretty angry that I have to pay to go to it twice a week. My patience with this class is really beginning to run out. Today I had an interview with the professor of that class, to see what I think of the class and if I have any ideas to improve it. I told him that this class was my lowest priority class, and I am upset with its obvious lack of direction. I tried to avoid the term "Bullshit Class," which was really difficult for me. I tried to tell him that the discussions are too narrow to warrant any real participation, and none of the reading can be connected together without serious stretching. Even if you do find threads to connect them with, none of them tie into what might be the greater theme of the class itself. And then I told him that the reading schedule is whacked out, requiring us to read 111 pages within five days, and then 111 more pages from the same book in only two days. He told me he would look that over and probably adjust the reading schedule for the rest of the semester. So I know at least one complaint I had about the class made it through alright.

Anyways, I have to write a mid-term paper for this class, and the rough draft is due tomorrow. I decided my paper would be on religion, morals, and ethics, because those are the only things that tie all of the readings together except the stupid one about Eureka moments. And I have to make a claim that a reasonable, sane person could argue against. My first claim was, essentially, that separation of church and state is a good thing, but I doubted that many people could argue against that. So now my claim is that separation of church and state is horrible. Any red-blooded American could easily argue against that. And it isn't hard to come up with good ideas for my argument. But it does take some true artistry to find support for it in the reading, especially since the reading better suits the opposing claim. I am pretty much making this more difficult for myself than I need to, but I hate this class enough that I really want to write something outrageous that will make at least one person in the class uncomfortable. Did I mention that I have to give a presentation on my paper? Yeah. I hope the word "intense" pops up again.

On Monday, we were supposed to put some Daphnia in a tank and poison them, right? Well, we all went in there to do just that, but there weren't any Daphnia in the stock tank. Actually, there were maybe five in this one corner, but we needed at least forty. We have no idea why there was a sudden extreme lack of Daphnia in the stock tank, but it kinda threw a wrench in our experiment. So we decided that we would start running the experiment on Wednesday, and cut the length from four days to three. Wednesday happened to be today. We didn't even have the lab in the lab today... Well, no, we had it in a lab. The computer lab. The Lab TA decided to teach us how to use Excel. So we had to go in after our lab to go run our lab. It was pretty ridiculous, and frustrating, and really boring.

Why are all of my classes suddenly stupid?

I am going to flip a coin. Heads, I turn this mid-term paper from an outline into a rough draft before going to sleep. Tails, I go right to bed because it is half-past one in the morning and I am sleepy. Here we go.

Monday, March 1, 2010

D. Pulex

So this morning my roommate thought she would come in, open the windows all the way, remark about how beautiful a day it was, and then kick me out of bed so we could go eat breakfast. I'm still not really sure how I felt about all of that. I mean, sure, I was awake and contemplating getting up anyways, but I could have been in bed for a whole five minutes more. This roommate thing is just nonsense.

Last week was week seven of the semester. There's this superstition about week seven. Pretty much, it's a bad luck week. It has yet to fail to be a shitty week for me. Unfortunately, I think this week might also prove to be a shitty week for me. Already I've got some things lined up in my schedule that I'm not too excited about. But at least this Friday my roommate's parents will be coming over to buy her food at Costco. And when I say her, what I really mean is us, because I've gotten really good at muscling my way into things. I can't wait to have bulk Swedish fish again.

My seamonkeys had babies again. Last time they had about twenty, but they all died pretty fast. This time they had only four, and they're surviving. I really hope they grow up all the way this time. Scratch and Sniff have been going at it for like a week now, fertilizing eggs and such. I have never seen Sniff with such a full egg sack before. You can actually see all of the eggs in it! So I guess there are a lot more baby seamonkeys on the way.

We've been growing (and attempting to poison) live Daphnia in my biology lab. They're a lot like seamonkeys, I've noticed, except they look bloated and swim all creepy like. The experiment didn't run well at all the first time, and we don't know if it's really our fault or not. The Daphnia in the stock tank were really unhealthy, and there were almost no adult Daphnia we could catch. All of the jeuveniles had turned red, which meant that they were suffocating from lack of oxygen, and they would periodically go into these spinny death throes and freak me out. We put different levels of salt in the tanks to see how much it would take to effectively kill the Daphnia, btu instead of population decrease we experienced massive population increase in all of the tanks except the one with the lowest salt level. Something unexpected happened, and we don;t know how to deal with it.

We're setting up the experiment again today. Here's to hoping the Daphnia are full gown, and the salt actually kills them off.