Monday, March 1, 2010

D. Pulex

So this morning my roommate thought she would come in, open the windows all the way, remark about how beautiful a day it was, and then kick me out of bed so we could go eat breakfast. I'm still not really sure how I felt about all of that. I mean, sure, I was awake and contemplating getting up anyways, but I could have been in bed for a whole five minutes more. This roommate thing is just nonsense.

Last week was week seven of the semester. There's this superstition about week seven. Pretty much, it's a bad luck week. It has yet to fail to be a shitty week for me. Unfortunately, I think this week might also prove to be a shitty week for me. Already I've got some things lined up in my schedule that I'm not too excited about. But at least this Friday my roommate's parents will be coming over to buy her food at Costco. And when I say her, what I really mean is us, because I've gotten really good at muscling my way into things. I can't wait to have bulk Swedish fish again.

My seamonkeys had babies again. Last time they had about twenty, but they all died pretty fast. This time they had only four, and they're surviving. I really hope they grow up all the way this time. Scratch and Sniff have been going at it for like a week now, fertilizing eggs and such. I have never seen Sniff with such a full egg sack before. You can actually see all of the eggs in it! So I guess there are a lot more baby seamonkeys on the way.

We've been growing (and attempting to poison) live Daphnia in my biology lab. They're a lot like seamonkeys, I've noticed, except they look bloated and swim all creepy like. The experiment didn't run well at all the first time, and we don't know if it's really our fault or not. The Daphnia in the stock tank were really unhealthy, and there were almost no adult Daphnia we could catch. All of the jeuveniles had turned red, which meant that they were suffocating from lack of oxygen, and they would periodically go into these spinny death throes and freak me out. We put different levels of salt in the tanks to see how much it would take to effectively kill the Daphnia, btu instead of population decrease we experienced massive population increase in all of the tanks except the one with the lowest salt level. Something unexpected happened, and we don;t know how to deal with it.

We're setting up the experiment again today. Here's to hoping the Daphnia are full gown, and the salt actually kills them off.

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