Monday, March 8, 2010


Yikes, I have an exam in a few hours. I don't feel all that ready for it. I don't want to go you can't make me go!

I get back the exam I took on Friday. I think I did pretty well on it, so I'm not so worried to see my grade. But there's still that niggling feeling that I might have completely bombed and just not realized it. That has happened to me so many times before, but usually only in math classes.

I get my braces off in a week! Woohoo! I am so excited. I can hardly wait! I think my braces know it's going to happen, too, because I've like four brackets that have broken off. I don't even know how they came off, I think they just sort of unattached themselves overnight or something. I don't mind very much, since most of them are on my lower jaw, and my lower jaw hasn't had any changes made to it in over half a year. Maybe even closer to an actual year. The only thing I worry about is them moving about while I'm eating and scratching up my teeth. I'll be so angry if my teeth are all scratched up.

Speaking of one week, I am excited to go home for spring break. I'll finally have a chance to go to Seattle for a day, and I plan to buy all the chewy candies in Uwajimaya that I haven't had since my braces got put on. I'm also excited just to have copious amounts of free time that do not involve homework and writing papers and whatnot.

Oh, shoot! I forgot to do my Japanese homework! It's all due tomorrow. What a pain.

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