Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Arrg, why won't school just hurry up and be over? I wish to get on with my life. I need the highschool chapter to be closed.

I went to the craft store really fast today and bought some yarn, on impulse. As well as a new crocheting magazine. I'm really proud that I could find some lime-green yarn today. I've been looking for some for about a month now. So it's about time I came across it.

This green yarn is so soft... I think I'll make some armwarmers out of it for my twin. She likes this shade of green.

So it looks like I will not be going on that field trip in Japanese, and will instead be having my (one) wisdom tooth removed this Thursday. According to RaeLynn, having these specific teeth pulled is major surgery. I honestly don't know how it could be any different than getting regular teeth pulled, and I've had plenty molars pulled before. They gas you, numb you, fill your mouth full of cotton, and then yank your head around for a bit. Afterward, they replace the cotton with more cotton, remove the gas, and let you lie around for a bit before pushing you off to your home.

... I think I'll do some Googling and find out some differences.

Okay, I see what can make removing wisdom teeth so traumatizing as to call it major surgery. They generally have more roots than the normal tooth, which might cause problems. The roots might also grow in wrong (like being bent underneath another tooth) or the tooth might still be under the skin so you'd have to dig it out in little peices. I have none of these problems, though. My x-rays show that my singular wisdom tooth's roots are straight and normal, and I know my tooth has surfaced because I've been using it to eat. Extraction and healing should be no problem for me.

And as it turns out, being gassed is an option. I could go without any sedatives if I wished. But I would like to be gassed. I'm not nervous about having my teeth removed at all, but I am PMSing, and I have plenty to be emotionally unstable about right now. It would be awkward if I started crying or suddenly became furious during the procedure.

Major surgery? Hah! Minor surgery!
You don't know major surgery until somebody has been inside of you through a freshly-made orifice.

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