Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red Rabbit

Baw, Ubiquity lost its one follower. Sorry I'm not entertaining. But let's see you write a blog post everyday! (Fuck, that is what she does.)

Today was my mum's birthday! We sang, ate cake, and opened gifts. I seem to have caught a small stomach bug, though, and nothing is agreeing with me. Half a slice of cake and a bunch of crackers later, though, and I think I'm starting to recover. Whatever, just a one-day thing.

Tomorrow I have a job interview. Wish me luck. I also have to stop by the Subaru dealership again, go by the post office, reschedule my orthodontist appointment, and schedule something else but I've forgotten what. What a busy day. I'll certainly be staying home from school. But my interview is at 11, and my next appointment after that is at 12:30, so it doesn't seem I'll be getting home any earlier than normal.

Oh God, a thought just hit me. I have $9 in my wallet, and the box I'm shipping is heavy. I hope I have enough money... I need to find some cash somewhere. Maybe I'll get that $15 mum owes me for the cat food I bought. Maybe I'll be lucky and find a few buck hanging around my room. Ugh.

Hey, have you noticed yet? I made a post on a Sunday. How strange.

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