Friday, March 13, 2009


I am mostly tired and a little bit sad. I spent a large portion of my day driving about in a new car, shaking hands with greasy people, and flushing away fish poo.

The new car is nice. I moved out of the bug and into the hatchback. I've named the new car Petey Cat, because there is a button on it that says PTY/CAT and I have no idea what it does. It is so quiet I can't tell what gear I am in or if the car has turned on. I keep grinding the engine, turning the ignition when it is already on because it is so quiet I think I've stalled. When I reverse, it sounds like a toy car. When I am in first, it sounds like the Jetson's car. I have to chunka-chunka it into second, and it is smooth and quiet from then on out. There are seats for four of my friends, and cup holders that hold cups. It runs on gas. The brakes make it stop.

Othello's tank is nice and clean. I put him in a different bowl and sucked all of the water (and poop) out of the rocks. I then filled it with water again, and sucked everything out again. I could have done that ten more times and still gotten debris out of the rocks. The plastic plant is completely clean, and his castle is still prominent. Othello hated being in the bowl, and started sulking right away. And he seemed really happy to be back in his tank, he started flopping around in circles as soon as he realized he was back home. He looked really angry at me, though. He hates having his tank cleaned. Hopefully, he will be feeling better next week.

Hopefully he doesn't just up and die. There is a lot of oxygen in his tank right now, and he might eat it. And then pop.

My family went out to see Coraline tonight. I liked that movie a lot. There were two other groups in the theater, and one group was really noisy the entire time. They kept talking, saying the dumbest things. "No, no, that's not it. Oh, yes, that is it. Now start walking." The other group left before the movie really even started. When the noisy group got ridiculous (I think they thought they were the only ones in the theater) I politely told them to fuck off and shut up. ("Excuse me, we're trying to watch a movie." with that tone that says "Durr, you idiots.")

When Coraline was talking to the cat, she asked how he was able to talk to the silent Whybe. This made me really sad very suddenly. I'm not entirely sure why. But I've been stuck like that since.

I bought four DVD's today. Grudge 1, Grudge 2, Ring 1, and Ring 2.
I've never seen Ring 2, I don't think.

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