Monday, March 23, 2009

Gun Barrel

Randomly I decided to take up jewelry making. I've already made a necklace. My favorite things are charms and bendy wires, but I'm not so fond of strings and beads. I want to add some beads to the wires, though--I think that there is potential there. I bought some jewelry making tools (pliars and such), and some nice silvery wire. I expect that I'll be spending a lot of time just making loops of wire, and not much time actually making things I can wear.

The necklace I made, by the way, is a locket. One heart locket, hanging off a birdcage with a brass key at the top. It's pretty to look at, but the birdcage is a bit awkward to wear. We'll see how it is when put into a real outfit.

Today! What a strange day. I did not go to school at all. Instead, I went to a job interview. They gave me a quiz with trick questions (got only two wrong), and asked me normal questions. I think I did alright, but I don't know if I made much of an impression. I'd kind of like to do it again, but this time have a dazzling personality. I'll find out next week if I get the job or not. I've applied to a few other jobs, though, so it's not a huge loss if I don't get it. Also, three times as many kids applied this year than last year, so it's kind of unlikely.

After the interview, I drove home, changed into normal clothes, gulped down some food, and then drove back out the way I came. The Subaru dealership happened to be on the way to the interview, and I drove past it many times today. It's a long drive. I needed to go there because they didn't add the side bumpers to my car, a feature I requested and paid for. It took them two and a half hours just to glue the damn things on. I was so damn bored. I read most of a book that I thought I would hardly break into. Damn damn damn. How frustrating.

I spent maybe five minutes at the post office. They are so much more efficient than a car dealership.

Now if you'll excuse me, I wish to take a shower.

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