Monday, March 16, 2009


Othello has not been doing any better since his tank has been thoroughly cleaned. If anything, he is doing worse (it isn't supposed to be great to remove all the water like that). He has been refusing to eat and swim, and instead spends all of his day floating. He still kinda moves, but he is weak from lack of food. I think he may be starving himself to death. And that's really awful.

I'll be sure to make a tweet if he dies.

So the big news isn't that I've added a Twitter widget to the blog, it's that I've made a Twitter account altogether. It's yet another social networking tool that I will probably like less when too many people I know start using it. I've gone ahead and invited Amber to it, and now she won't stop making tweets. What have I done? I haven't decided if I will use Twitter Shitter to mark the boring things I am doing, or to make odd comments that have nothing to do with me.

Mostly, I just want to make a comment that gets me on the local news show. They are really hurtin' for good news.

With all of my paperwork for the project done and handed in, I find myself with a lot of free time. I should be practicing my speech for the presentation, but because I can't log the hours I don't feel the need to anymore. I just want to go in there, get it done, and find out if I will graduate when they give us our scores on Monday. Then I can focus on passing my required classes, and stop being so flaky with my Biotech homework. I get it done, I print it out, and I leave it in the printer. Or I turn it into the wrong class. My teacher must think I'm such an aweful student, since I've e-mailed him practically every major assignment.

I have a new magic trick I want to show to RaeLynn. It's a really simple trick, but I think it will be really effective. Here's how it goes: Someone (either I or the person watching) holds up a card, so that I can only see it's back. I then tell them what the card is. There is no guessing involved, I tell them exactly what is on the other side of the card. I can do this with the entire deck. I can even tell you if the Ace of Hearts or Ace of Spades is upside-down. I also have another trick I recently learned, where I put a peice of string through my trachea. It's amazingly creepy, though. Even I didn't like watching the string pull around underneath my skin. I might hold off on that one. And maybe never, ever perform it.

(I totally just went to practice that trick with some yarn. One word: Ropeburn.)

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