Monday, March 9, 2009


Augh, man, some days are just not made to be joyful.

I had a doctor's appointment today. It was the first time they had made me put on a gown, and I had the hardest time knotting it in the back. Not to mention the gown was just plain too big for me. But whatever. I checked out fine, I am healthier than last time I saw her. I was updated on the shots I would need to attend MSU--A Meningitis shot in the arm, and a TB test. I go back in Thursday for the results of the TB test. Until then, I have a little red bump just underneath my skin.

That little red bump has been causing me some serious anxiety today. (It bled a lot when it was not supposed to.)

Oh fuck! I just remembered why I even made a doctor's appointment in the first place. My earwax has been red for over a year. (Blood red, actually.) Or, more yellow, orange, and red, with gobs of dried blood. I think it might be important. But it just keeps slipping my mind. Totally forgot to mention it today. Do you think it's connected to the nosebleeds I get when I sleep?

Thursday I have a field trip. I think I might be able to get home early that day. Around 1 o'clock, maybe 2-ish. He said we'd get back around noon, and I'm hoping that means I can get home before school gets out. I have to stop by the clinic that day, though. Even though we're going to the Seattle Biomedical Reasearch Institute, and somebody there could probably tell me the results, it is my doctor that needs to know.

Don't hold me to getting home early, though. I have no idea what the schedule will be like. For all I know, noon means 4pm.

Which reminds me, I have no school Friday. Neat.

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