Friday, August 8, 2008

Ah, yes.

Oh thank God, there were no more creepy voices today. I'm guessing it was just the house settling in some odd way.

So I painted the garage doors. They are now yellow. There were no problems until I pulled the tape off meant to protect these dark green bits. The paint had seeped underneath the tape. So now I have more useless painting to do, this time with a darker color. Sigh.

Last night my wrist hurt like the dickens. A strange crampy-burny feeling. Kinda like when you try to write too much too fast in school, and your hand cramps up. 'Cept more burny, and in a different spot, and it lasted for a good seven hours. It was gone when I woke up, thankfully. I did a bit of searching online, and I couldn't find anything that matched my symptoms, so I think it was just a temporary thing and nothing to worry about.

... Well, I was thinking that, but now my wrist is starting to hurt again. Bah humbug.

Tomorrow, I get the hair ripped out of my armpits. Hooray.

And now, I watch the opening ceremonies. Oh, amazing!

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