Saturday, August 30, 2008


What day is today? Saturday? Bugger, I lost an internet day. I was hardly online at all yesterday.

Babysat the kittens. They are adorable and broken. I can't believe we adopted two kittens with terrible emotional damage. But this is a good home, so they will heal.

Yesterday, Niffirg died. Which is odd, because he was the healthiest fish. Nadroj took it very badly. He tried to hide Niffirg away from the net when I tried to take him away. It was all very sad. I put Niffirg in a little paper cup to show the kittens. Tricksy didn't really care, and Stormy tried to eat him. I have no respect for the dead.

Also yesterday, I went to buy school supplies. My dad didn't give me enough money, so I ended up paying out of my own pocket. I laid everything in my wallet (that was American) out on the table, and it wasn't quite enough. I was just three dollars short. But the salesclerk, being a wonderful guy I decided, paid for one of my items out of his own pocket. I'm eternally grateful, because I have nightmares where I don't have enough money to pay for things. Also, I must have looked poor or something yesterday.

Once more yesterday, my parents threw a party. The six of them drank five and a half bottles of wine. Craig came over so I wouldn't have to hide in my room. After listening to the older adults talk about gout for a while, I asked Craig if he wanted to watch a movie. Of course he jumped at the idea, anything had to be better than talking about gout. I made him watch Dr. Horrible. I decided life isn't worth living unless you've seen Dr. Horrible.

Today, I went shopping for more school clothes. We went back to this little boutique in Seattle called Synapse. I bought a shirt, some socks, a couple pairs of pants, and an interesting skirt. This skirt is made out of neckties, and is so amazingly interesting. I can already see new outfits forming in my head relating to it. All in all, it was a pretty good haul for me. I am so picky when it comes to clothes. We hit five other stores and didn't buy anything. I am so not fun to shop with.

A new costume shop opened up in town. Right down the street from the other costume shop. I expect somebody to go out of business soon. I am thinking of applying to the new one. But I'm iffy on it, since I am under 18. I can legally work, and I will be 18 in a couple of months, though, so who knows. I'm also trying to figure out who to put as my references, since I have no previous job experience. I have volunteer experience, though. But oddly enough, it turns out that a lot of that was under my mom (I can't help it if she decides to be the head of some function that I'd already decided to help), and I don't want to list her as a reference. It's awkward. I suppose I could list my girl scout leader. I did volunteer under her. Bah. I'll ask my mother for some advice, at one point in her life she was in charge of reading applications and interviewing/hiring people.

Hoo, my mother's a wonderful person. She even reminded me of previous job experience. (Who knew?) Tomorrow, I make some phone calls, fire off an e-mail or two, and send in that application.

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