Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We brought the two kittens home today. We also decided on names; Stormy and Tricksy. Dad insists on the spelling for Tricksy including the letter C. Why argue?

The two cats are as adorable as can be. Stormy is ADHD and OCD at the same time--a deadly mix. She figured out she is good at jumping, and now jumps every where. So she'll lie there, purring, content, and then seriously jump ten feet away and run full speed around the house. When she gets back (which usually happens before you realize she left), she will clean her paws. Before doing a backflip.
Tricksy is a tricky one in that she has tricked us all into thinking we beat her in our spare time. She'll sit, quite contently, and be looking right at you. You'll approach her, careful not to make any sudden movements. Just when you think you can touch her this time, she'll flinch, cower, look at you with giant kitten eyes, and scurry away to hide. She runs away every time you approach her, but she runs away slowly. I chased her, one step at a time, around a table. I'd take a step, she'd move away. I'd take another step, she'd move away. I really just wanted to show her were the food bowl is.

So I think Nadroj is going to turn into an oil slick and there is nothing I can do.

I went to the school and fixed up my schedule. Instead of taking math, I am taking food science and being an office assistant. I feel as though my time is being wasted. But at least it's better for my GPA than a math class I've already failed twice. And the real point is easy A's for my senior year. I just want to be one of the few kids that graduate on time.

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