Saturday, August 2, 2008


I just barely managed to finish off my black and white scarf yesterday before scurrying off to clean up bits of the house. We had some guests over, and I dunno. I guess we need to impress old friends that don't really care. They brought over enough sushi to fill in a yacht, and I soon found myself sitting up in my room with only a plate of fish and rice to keep me company.

Just to set the record straight, I like sushi. Particularly sashimi--My favorite part will always be the raw fish. But I can't stand nori, the "seaweed" that sushi rolls are wrapped in. I try to eat it, I really do. And often times I find that it doesn't taste that bad. In fact, last night I found myself chewing on a piece that tasted like steak. But it triggers my gag reflex like nothing else. I could even be enjoying it--Nom nom nom HURKK! And suddenly the food is caught in that area between my mouth and my throat. Like some twisted sort of suspended animation. So nori is a no go, as is most of the sushi out there that you can buy.

Also, wasabi. Tastes like paint remover. I don't even care that it's hot--'Cuz it's really not that hot to me. It just makes things taste bad.

Today, mum wanted to go out and look at kittens. Y'know, to adopt. Truth be told, I'm not ready for another cat just yet. But we won't be able to take in another cat until we get back from vacation, so I have a few more weeks. She really pushed to go out to this one place. As it turns out, she was checking out their website and noticed that one of their new cats looked an awful lot like Sparky. The picture on the website was too tiny to tell, so we drove out to check. There was a strong resemblance, but it obviously was not my cat. I'd have much rather stayed home than go through that.

But we saw a lot of prospective kittens to bring home. We're looking for siblings, because we saw with Sparky that she changed a lot for the worst when she became an only cat. So to prevent this, we'll adopt two cats that are related, so that we won't break up a family and still keep a happy cat. And, strangely enough, every kitten we saw came with at least one sibling, and totally fit our requirements. It's a shame we're not ready to adopt, but they were each so cute and healthy, I'm sure good homes will be found for them really soon.

It broke my heart to see this one girl cat, though. She had been adopted just three years earlier, but her owners moved and couldn't take her with them. So she was back up for adoption, and the place they gave her to quickly spayed her the day before we got there, so she wasn't feeling all too great. As soon as we walked up to her cage, she looked up and meowed with that same wail any of our cats used when they were depressed. It's sad, because she might not get adopted, simply because she's not some adorable little kitten anymore.

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