Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steamed Milk

So I set to work last night, turning my new yarn into lovely balls of yarn. I finished two (which takes about two hours) before deciding that was good enough to finish off my scarf.

Then I realized I bought all the wrong yarn. A good $20 wasted on the itchiest yarn in existence.

Another trip to the craft store and seven hours later, I've finally finished making all those stupid balls of yarn. Just as I was finishing up the last one, my mother says loudly "WTF we got a video game in the mail. I never ordered a video game. I'm gonna go contact them and send it back." It was at this moment that I stood up all dramatic-like (more of turned my head towards her) and shouted in my best crime-stopping voice "Wait! that's my video game!" (Actually, I went "Whu?" and she asked me if it was mine.)

Also, my shampoo arrived in the mail as well.

So my dreams of playing video games with lovely clean and healthy hair have come true! Tomorrow. Today, I'm beat from doing nothing but wrapping yarn around a yarn ball for seven hours straight.

Also, today the movies were Jaws, and some John Wayne western.

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