Sunday, July 27, 2008


The first house I lived in did not have stairs.

This made my Slinky boring and unattractive to me.

So a couple days ago I walked into my brother's room to play a video game, only to notice that his computer had been scavenged and picked apart. I assume that because we've decided he is moved out for good, his stuff is free for the taking. I missed out on the stuff I could really use; namely a new mouse and keyboard. But his flat-screen LCD monitor was certainly still there. And now it is in my room.
Allow me to describe to you my old monitor: 1999.
I loved the thing dearly, and I refused upgrading countless times. I had carefully set the color balance so that everything would be perfect. But over the past couple years, there has been a bit of tension between me and my monitor. It was slowly getting darker. I had turned the brightness all the way up, but I still came across the occasional image or game where I felt blind. One month was particularly bad, where it seemed every image and every game I came across was dark and low-contrast. I decided then to get a new monitor.

And so, why not upgrade from something two feet thick to something two inches thick? Now the real estate behind my monitor is empty and useless, as opposed to filled and purposeful. But I can always hide stuff there from myself if I so wish. But this new monitor and I... We seem to have gotten off to a rocky start. The colors are all off ever so slightly, and I lost the tools I used to set the last guy. Lines sometimes wriggle and distract me, and everything is so bright that when I look away my vision is slightly impaired. I can no longer read white text on a black background without burning colors into my eyes, but I suppose a bit of color tweaking can fix that. But then there are also little spots of things crusted onto the screen itself that my brother has left behind. I have no idea how to clean an LCD monitor, and these spots are very distracting.

I suppose that with a bit of love and fine-tuning, this monitor and I can work our way into a beautiful relationship. But I was hoping for something I could love, flaws and all, not hoping for a project.

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