Saturday, July 26, 2008


Lucky Charms are pretty okay for a cereal. But I have a problem with the new hourglass shape.

Actually, no. I have no problem with the new shape. I love hourglasses. But in order to make room for the hourglass, they got rid of the pot of gold. So now the song doesn't work anymore, since 'hourglasses' is four syllables, and 'pots of gold' is three. Also, my Lucky Charms are worth less than before, unless that is an antique hourglass used by the Queen of England herself to time how long she needed to bake pies back when she was secretly a ragamuffin living in the kitchens.

My Lucky Charms have been devalued.

But also, out of curiosity, what are the little oaty pieces that aren't marshmallows supposed to be? I can see what looks like an Ace of Spades, and a three-leaf clover that could also be an Ace of Clubs. Then there's an Icthus? I'm not so sure I'm okay with the idea of religion in my cereal.

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