Monday, July 28, 2008


There's nothing quite like a good movie to put you in a good mood.
I've painted my nails in an interesting way. Three colors this time around; black, purple, and white. It think it looks nice so long as you don't stop to study them too closely. But it's been quite a while since I've done anything to my nails that hasn't been solid colors, nonetheless stripes. So I spent about as much time fixing up my nails as I did haphazardly painting them. And then I spent a good amount of time forgetting how long I need to wait for them to dry, and now there are many small dings and large smudges to be seen. Oh well.

Which was why I sat down for a movie. I figured, a movie or a nice long TV show was what I needed to keep me still and distracted long enough for my nails to dry. And I made a good choice in watching Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? again. I always forget just how amazingly wonderful the music is. I also realized how longs it's been since I've last seen the movie when I drew a connection between the fast-talking guy and my 11th grade History teacher. They look and act so much alike that it kind of makes me wonder.

So I think I am going to spend the rest of my week sitting on the front step waiting for the UPS man to come. Two months ago I ordered shampoo over the internet from my usual store. They usually get it here within a week, but this time something happened and it's only just been sent out. During this period of shampoolessness, I found myself turning to my lesser quality backup shampoo. And then I ran out, and bought more backup shampoo. And then I ran out again. The main reason I order my shampoo over the internet and not just pick it up at the local salon, is that I require my shampoo to come in massively sized bottles in order for them to last a decent amount of time. I just have too much hair. So these smaller sized back up thingers aren't gonna cut it.

Also, I just ordered a video game that I am a little excited about. I hope it gets here within the week as well. Then! I can have clean and healthy hair while I mash buttons in front of my television screen.

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