Sunday, July 20, 2008


There are some weird things about my house that seem like are only apparent to me. For example, my fridge makes the same noise as Doctor Who's Tardis when it is landing or about to take off. Also, the water that comes from our fridge tastes moldy, and the best tasting water comes from my sink in the bathroom.

Every morning when the sun comes up, all of the birds start chirping. This is also the time that the birds that live above my bed in the ceiling wake up and start making noise. There are these little vent holes that line the top of my house on the outside. At least, I think they're vent holes. Each of these holes are about an inch-and-a-half wide, and they're all lined with mesh screens to keep birds and buggies out. Of course, the screen just above where my pillow lies has been ripped open. Now a family of birds lives in my ceiling. I'm certain that there are multiple birds, and I'm starting to think it's an entire nest of chicks.

Then every night at midnight, the birds in my ceiling wake up again and start chirping, and mama birdie wakes up all flustered and flaps her wings against my ceiling. This goes on for 30 to 60 minutes. Every night.

Another odd thing about my house; If you don't use a shampoo bottle to hold down one end of the shower curtain, most of the shower water will leak and a large puddle will form. The tap on my dad's sink in his bathroom is backwards, and you turn it left to get cold and right to get hot. Every spring the year before there is a caterpillar infestation, our house is infested by tiny bugs that hang on threads and look like the Metapod Pokemon. The Upper East part of our house doesn't line up with the garage underneath it, and it is suspected that those three rooms were added on as an afterthought. When this house was built, my bedroom did not have a light. A closet light was later added, and when we moved in my father added a bright ceiling light. The light in my room also can't support three light bulbs in it. If I replace the third broken bulb, it will burn out in ten days. There is a dead crane fly in the dining room light, and it has been there since a couple weeks after we installed the light.

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