Thursday, July 24, 2008


Man, I am tired. For some odd reason, I could not get to sleep last night until well after 2AM. I went to bet at the usual 11:30, got bored and listened to music at about 12:30, stopped that at 12:45, and then looked at the clock at 2.

The strange part is that I decided that if I was still awake at 5, I would get up and stop trying to sleep. Wouldn't most people have gotten up to do something after an hour or two? Hm.

My mother has been sick at home every day this week. While I wish her well and only want her to get better, she needs to get out of the freaking house. I've been waiting most of my life for this summer break, simply because it is the first and last I'll spend where I'm completely home alone every day until my parents get back from work. Every year leading up to this, I was either mostly home alone with my brother or not home at all. I absolutely love being home alone in a house this size, but I haven't been completely alone all month.

It's not that I want to be lonely, it's that I want to be left alone. Also, I'm considerably more productive when I am completely by myself. I do all of the dishes, wash the car, and even clean house when I'm by myself. Today I sat around until about five waiting for my mother to wake up so I could do the dishes without disturbing her. I got fed up waiting, and did the dishes that have been waiting for a week to get clean. It just irks me to have someone else in the house. Especially when I have to be quiet so that they can sleep.

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