Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After squirming for a bit in my computer chair, I realized I had the itch to do something productive. I browsed a few websites with interesting craft ideas, but still found myself fidgeting. After fidgeting my way to the other side of my room, I noticed an old scarf I've been knitting on and off lying in the corner, dejectedly. So I worked on that until I ran out of yarn. My original goal was to knit the heck out of it until my yarn disappeared, but I realized this scarf is much too short.

Actually, I'm only about two or four more stripes away from calling it done and working on something better planned out. So it's obnoxious to run out of yarn so close to the end.

A lovely dinner with mum and a trip to the craft store later, and I have enough yarn to make three more scarves. Which was my original plan. Last fall. To make four scarves total. So with any luck, I'll get scarf number two done by this time next year. Or, maybe because I'm cutting the design in half, I'll be done in half the time. We'll see how well I stick to the plan.

By the way, the movie today was Cloverfield. I watched while I knitted.

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