Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What a terrible day.

You see my cat, Sparkle, has gone and disappeared. About a week and a half ago, while I was traveling home from Maine to Washington. She's one of those indoor/outdoor cats, so it's not such a big deal for her to be gone a day. But my friend, who faithfully put food out for her while we were on vacation, says she hasn't seen our cat at all. And the cleaning lady, who comes once a week, commented to my brother this morning that she was a little upset she hasn't seen the cat at all, since they were just starting to make friends. Sparky hasn't come inside since I've come home.

... So I guess it's safe to say she's gone.

I know she didn't just up and run away, though. My cat and I were really close. Even when I'm gone on vacation, she doesn't get mad at me for more than a couple seconds before we enter that "OHMYGOD I MISSED YOU" stage. Honestly, if I could connect with a person as well as I did that cat, we'd be married with children by now. So there's no way she could have run off with the idea of leaving for good.

So what I'm hoping happened is, that she got kidnapped. And she'll show up at the humane's society in the next couple weeks. She's tagged and everything, so they'd give us a call if she showed up. Don't know why someone'd grab her, unless they thought she was a stray.

But what most likely happened is she got eaten by a coyote. We've been seeing baby coyotes on the side of the road all month, and wherever there's a baby, there's gotta be a mama. Not to mention that there have been a ton of missing pets in this area lately. Also, dad went and checked out the humane's society for me today. No such luck.

I had wanted to wait at least another week before thinking anything's definite, but... Mum and dad already talked to me about getting another cat.

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