Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am in such an amazingly good mood today. And tomorrow is looking to be an even better day. You see, tomorrow I leave to spend a vacation in Maine.

I'm super excited.

The plane should be landing at about 2 PM, so I'll have a nice afternoon to spend--No wait. That's PST. Woops, I think I'll actually get there closer to 5PM. Maybe even later. Ah heh heh...

I'm mostly packed. I just need to get things like toothbrush and deodorant into the bag. I plan to take a nice shower first, though, so it'll be a while yet before I'm completely ready to go. Have I mentioned that since the plane takes off so early, we leave tonight? It takes a couple hours to get to the airport. So we're spending a night in one of the many hotels next to the airport. It's like I'm leaving tonight.

Oh God, I am so stoked.

I went with my mother today to get our armpits waxed. This is in preparation for our trip to Hawaii, immediately after we get back from Maine. I had been told it was just going to be our pits, which is pain enough for me. But as soon as we got there, mum was all "Are you ready to get your legs waxed?"
"What? Legs? You never said anything about legs."
"No, remember? I asked if you wanted your legs waxed, and you said it'd be nice."
"You never once said anything about legs. Only armpits. I never agreed to legs!"
So I got my legs waxed as well. It actually wasn't so bad. I just didn't want to do it because it seems like too much surface area to handle all at once. And it kinda was. Near the end there, I was just done. Didn't want it to go on any longer.
So now my legs are all smooth and hairless, with the occasional cluster of little red dots that'll fade in about a day. But my armpits! Oh God, my armpits! They're bloody! What the fuck?! It hurt like Hell this time around, and it's been two hours and they still hurt. I suppose it's a little better than last time I had the hair under my arms ripped out. Last time the hair had grown back completely and it still kinda stung. At least I can put my arms down today. I just need to take that shower and wash all that blood off...

I'm still bouncing off the walls in joy, though.

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