Monday, June 30, 2008


Some buggers egged my car again.

Actually, I'm inclined to believe it was just one bugger, since it was just one egg splat. I didn't notice it until I had already driven halfway across town to buy some crayons. But it's just as well, my car badly needed a wash. It had turned from blue to yellow with all of the pollen that built up on it.

I went on a mini rampage trying to find crayons yesterday. I pulled apart three different rooms, hoping I could find my crayons. Obviously I didn't have any luck, because I bought some today.

AHIDLkjf looking over now I see a box of crayons in my closet. How did I miss that?!

But at least now I have a nice fresh box. That I've already ruined. It seems that in my frustration upon realizing the increased amount protein on my car, I dropped the bag with the crayons on the car seat, where the corner got crushed. Or maybe it was when I dropped the bag on my bed. Though, neither seems likely, since both things the box landed on would have been soft, and I didn't actually drop or throw anything.
Hmm... I'll bet my cashier dropped the box into the bag when she was bagging it. Yes, that seems likely. But it doesn't matter, I don't actually care all that much for my Awesome colored crayon.

So normally when I wash my car, I don't dress down. But today I was wearing long thick jeans and a nice warm black shirt. And it is sweltering outside. So I put my hair in a high ponytail, and put on a white shirt with a picture of a Crayola box on it. I never wear that shirt because it is unbelievably see through, but I love the idea of it so much I keep it in my closet. I just made sure I was wearing something underneath.
But my God. Normally, two to three cars pass by the front of my house within a couple hours. At least ten drove by during the first 15 minutes I was washing my car. It's like someone is camping outside my house, and sent a radio signal to everyone; "Breaker breaker, she's washing the car, over." "Copy that, I'll be there in two minutes, over." Everyone is out to get me. They want me to feel self-conscious about wearing that T-shirt.

Actually, normally I don't mind the neighbors driving by. They usually just speed on by and don't even see me. I just got weirded out because this one guy in a red truck drove by my house reeeeaaall slow. Creepy man.

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