Monday, June 16, 2008

Pon Pon

Today, Griffin square danced. Tomorrow, we celebrate.
(These things are mostly unrelated.)

Oh my God it has been so cold. There was frost on my car this morning, and it made me angry. There were also a lot of bees on the ground, all frozen. Not to death, I'm pretty sure they thawed. You know, since they're no longer littering the ground. Either that, or somebody swept them up and threw them away.

A few weeks ago I bought a couple beach towels to keep in my car. Today, we used them. The sun was shining bright and hot, despite it being so cold earlier today, so we laid out the towels on the grass and pumped up the music coming from my car. I set up a playlist on my iPod called Cloud Watching. It's calming music for just such an occasion. I am a God for being set for such a spontaneous event like that.

Tomorrow, we do it again if the weather permits. This time, I have lemonade chilling in the trunk of my car. I'm wearing my gypsie skirt with some sort of flowy top, since I got way overheated in a black shirt and jeans. It will be grand. (And I will look damn good.)

Also, my sunglasses are the same color as my car.

My Chemistry teacher has not been at school since the week before last. It's bothersome, since we need him to take our Chemistry finals this week. We've already taken two tests without him these past two weeks. Come to think of it, he's usually gone during a test. I wonder why this is? But today, we sat around and pretended like we had stuff to do. I read that book I picked up.

And I love this book I picked up. I realized that my favorite episode of one of my favorite cartoons was based on this book. Now I'm all excited for the first person to get killed. I really hope it isn't my favorite character, who I suddenly and without warning realized was far greater than all of the other characters. Even though he cannot tie a tie.
What kind of a person can't tie a tie? Seriously. Everybody needs to know how.

Today in Japanese we made curry. My favorite part was the potatoes. I love potatoes. That is all.

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