Thursday, June 12, 2008

Disorientedly Oriented

Oh goodness, am I tired. My cat once again managed to drag a small living animal into my room while I was sleeping. It wasn't as bad as normal--Usually it'll be about 1 in the morning and it'll take me a couple hours to catch the prey. But last night I had only been asleep for about 45 minutes, so getting back out of bed wasn't so much of a chore. The mouse ran underneath my mini rocking chair, which was bad news for me since there's a lot of stuff piled up under there. After about 30 minutes of jabbing at the stuff with my umbrella (That had a metal tip! I wanted this thing dead.) I decided to give up for a bit and go back to bed.

But the beastie started to chew on my junk.
Scrip scrip scrip scrip. Scrip scrip scrip scrip.

My cat is useless at hunting once she drags things inside, oh by the way. She actually got in the way a few times when I lunged at the mouse with a box.

But when Tommy (I named the mouse.) started chewing on what could very well have been a button on my favorite vest, I got back out of bed and started ripping away items hanging around under the small chair. I eventually found the mouse, but I couldn't catch it while it was under the chair. But for some reason, it had positioned it's head ever so perfectly under the foot of my rocking chair. So, of course, I grabbed the slammed it downwards, rocking over little Tommy's head.

Now, I wish I could tell you I killed the mouse, or knocked it out, or even stunned it. But I'm pretty sure the foot on the other side of the chair hit a pile of books, and little mousy pulled his head away in time. But eventually he crawled under a flimsy piece of plastic that was more or less box-shaped. So I slid cardboard underneath and carried him out onto the back porch.

I unceremoniously dropped him to the hard wood, and just as my cat spotted the mouse and was about to lunge for it, I used the cardboard to fling Tommy off the side of my porch. Fwush! Frightened little mouse.

I honestly don't know if he survived the fall. (I'd probably break an ankle if I jumped from that height.)

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