Thursday, June 26, 2008


My cat is an extortionist. She did an incredibly cute thing, so I gave her a couple cats treats. She ate them wicked fast. My mother watched her eat the last one. When my cat finished, she looked up, and meowed in a demanding way. So my mother gave her probably twelve of those treat things. I think she called me a stupid girl. That cat did.

But now who's the stupid one?! She's the one stuck in my room with me because she is afraid of the treadmill! Ha ha!

Oh man, my English is so broken today.

Have I mentioned that I've started keeping a dream journal? I figured, why not? I have nothing better to do wake I wake up in the morning. I have one made of paper that I much prefer, and then I have one online that I copy the dreams down into. I like the internet one because it'll tell me things like how long I've slept, or help me keep track of the people that appear in my dreams. But I also like the paper one because I just fucking love paper journals. The reason I bring this up is because my dreams mostly consist of horrific things. I never realized how very different they were until my friends and I brought up the topic of dreams one day. But since I've started writing these dreams down, I've had only one bad dream, and one that was kinda uncomfortable. I wonder, do you think keeping a dream journal will cure me of my nightmares?

In a way, I hope not. 'Cuz I love horror movies, and it's like a treat getting to watch one every night.

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