Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rejected Compromise

I was hoping for heat today but instead it was windy and cold.
But at least I look gloriously fantastic in these clothes. I could be a model.
I'm just. Really cold.

Should have worn socks.

A little while ago, the house smelled like corned beef. Now, the house smells like burning. But oh my God, my dad is making corned beef. I love corned beef. It is the food of gods and also perhaps my family.
And, just now, I sit down with a plate of corned beef in my lap. The best dish I've had all year. I'm such a picky eater. So that's a high compliment. I plan to eat it until it is gone.

Today I celebrate with griffin our five months together. I have no idea what he is doing, but I'm celebrating by eating this corned beef and perhaps maybe playing a little Animal Crossing. But I will not eat this salad because it is covered in these frightening red splotches. Either it is moldy or I have gained the ability to see more colors.
I have just now decided that to celebrate this anniversary, in 16 days I will come in contact with Griffin for the first time. Perhaps I will honk his nose, or slam his shoulder. It will be exciting, rude, and maybe a little aggressive.

In my English class, I had decided to sit in the corner with all of the people I can easily hold a conversation with. Then all of these people dropped out of the class, and now nobody sits within a 10ft radius of me, not even in the class next door. It is hilarious to me. I am literally all alone in a corner. I'm really loving it. I also love how all of the desks in my corner are always messed up in a swirling destructive way, while all the other desks in the classroom are in perfectly straight lines. It's like I ate everyone around me in a vulgar manner.

This kid has started flirting with me in class and I do not know his name. I don't have the slightest clue. I know I should tell him about Griffin, but the things he says are interesting and I would like him to keep talking so that I have more material to remember and maybe use on a later date. That is so say, I am stealing his flirts like a comedian might steal jokes. Today I paid him no mind, though, as I came across MINIATURE PLAY-DOH CONTAINERS OF EVERY COLOR and was busy making things.

I made a ribbon bow, a snowman complete with hat and stack of snowballs, a cat whose head would not stay on, a rose, a spiraling shape, mickey mouse, a leech, a slug, and a snake.

I also realized that I am poor with Play-Doh.

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