Friday, June 13, 2008

Meant for Their Ears

The Mario Kart Wii game is fun, but certain parts of it frustrate me to no end. I will forever have a vendetta against what used to be my favorite course. Rainbow Road, you've changed. My father one night drank an entire bottle of wine while we were out to dinner. Because we hadn't seen much of him the week before, and wouldn't be seeing much of him in the week to come, my mother suggested we play a family game of Mario Kart, just like old times. This means that my father was driving drunk in the videogame world. I do think that he was a menace to all the pixels on the screen. And using what must have been drunken ninja powers, he managed to get a hold of controller one. You don't know Mario Kart until you've played the same track four times in a row. (And lost every time! I am no good with Waluigi.)

VUI. Videogaming whilst Under the Influence. It's a crime.

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