Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deliciously Dilapidated

My cat is sleeping on my robe, which I arranged nicely on the floor a couple days ago hoping she would sleep on it. She looks so comfy and warm, but I bet she could be even comfier and even warmer. I also made sure her cat bed was set up nice and comfy, but she doesn't much like to sleep in it. I think it is too small for her. But sometimes she'll go and lie in it to make me happy. Isn't she sweet?

I stole a piece of artwork from the art room yesterday. It was going to get thrown out anyways, so I decided I would keep it. I would like to put it on my wall. I wish the artist had signed it, it really is very lovely. I also took a couple pieces a friend of mine painted. I doubt that I'll ever see him again. But the pieces are high quality, and they're too religious for my tastes, so I might hunt him down and give them back to him. If I can't find him, maybe I'll donate them. I'm sure somebody would love to have them.

Today, Sensei had his birthday. Sean says that he's turned 40, but Sensei looks closer to 35 at the most. We celebrated and he bought us chocolate ice cream, and we watched Toy Story (In Japanese, of course). For some reason, the entire event depresses me. Hm.

While driving to school today, I drove past the usual construction site. I loved the site, because for three years it had one of those signs that told you what the lot was going to become. But the part of it that told you what it would be fell off and was stolen, so it was destined to become nothing. A month or so ago, a truck drove in one day. The next day, about an acre of forest and brush had been cleared and leveled out. I'm amazed at how quickly they cleared that lot. It's now undergoing the usual daily construction activities. Thankfully, nothing too big and obtrusive has driven in there yet, but none of the truck signal when they turn into there every morning, and I'm always afraid I'll rear-end them.
Today I drove by, and there was a woman with a clipboard standing outside the gate. She had a large smile, and was wearing a large sign that said "Neutral Gate Observer" or something along those lines. She really smiled at my car, and I was a little bit frightened. Rounding the corner, I saw a small group of people with picket signs. The print on the signs were too small to read clearly without driving into someone, but 'STRIKE' was written clearly and boldly, and I think I caught the word 'Construction.' So I'm guessing the construction workers for that lot are on strike. And I do hope it resolves soon, because I wanted them to get any parts that might involve blocking the roads out of the way during the summer when I don't drive by every day.

Today, my friend danced like a hippie. She eventually got nervous, though, and her buzz got harshed, so she stopped and the show was over.

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