Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad Day

I picked out the card I gave to my father today because it was fuzzy. Then I wrote in the card that I picked it out because it was fuzzy. He seemed to appreciate the lack of sentimentality. It meant he could go on with eating the chocolate truffles I gave him and reading his book. It also means he doesn't have to try hard for my birthday card this year.

Man am I thoughtful. C:

So on the latest episode of Doctor Who that aired over here in the states, Agatha Cristie played a big role. I realized I had never actually read any of her books, and went out to buy one.

... You know, simply because she is dead now, I wouldn't feel any remorse stealing her books. She can't make any money off me. And I do think she's really the only one entitled to the money those books bring in.

But anyways, I picked out And Then There Were None (Also known as Ten Little Indians). I blindly picked it out. I did no research about which books are good ones, I just ran to the store. And I really, desperately hope this one doesn't turn out to be a stinker that turns me away from the rest of her books. Because I want to read a few of her books and get a taste for how she writes.
And then sit my friends down and we can all play a game of Clue. I call Professor Plum!

I've decided against buying some sort of ebook Reader for the summer. Instead I'm going to start keeping track of the books I've read this year and see if it'll be worth the money to buy one, and then request one as a joint birthday and Christmas gift. I decided on the Sony Reader in the end. I don't need wireless, and I want to be able to read PDFs. So the Reader it is. Come December.

The last week of school is coming up tomorrow. I'm quite excited. Finals all week, as well as a ton of presentations, but then school's all over. I can't wait for my free time.

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