Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Titanium Oxide

Paper journals are delicious and fun.

There is a pimple above my right eye. Underneath my eyebrow. I didn't even think I had pores there, but I've managed to make a pimple. I don't want to pop it, because it is one of those pimples that probably won't even pop all the way, and then turn red and ugly and scar. It has driven me to go out and buy a pimple spot cream. I've never actually owned a tube of anything like this before. Well, other than some prescription stuff the doctor would give me, but I've never had a spot cream. So it's applied. And it's a very sunny day. So I think I might not go outside to read today, lest my eye catches fire.

At least this pimple is perfectly hidden by my bangs. It's probably been there for a few days, but I just never noticed it because of my hair.

I cleaned my room yesterday in a furious manner. I got into a groove where I'd find something on the floor, decided it would need to be on the opposite side of the room, and then throw it. So things were flying everywhere, because nothing was where it should be. And now, my cat and I have room to wrestle on my floor.

Which we did. We wrestled for a little bit. It was fun at first, but then Sparky caught on and started biting and scratching. Then she started having all the fun, and I started swelling up. Blasted cat.

It's pollening outside. I glanced out my window today and went "Ah! What a sunny day!" and then what looked like a smoke cloud started drifting by my window. "Oh, is the neighbor's house on fire?" It was a cloud of pollen, so thick you could hardly see through it. It's a slightly gusty day, so every time the wind comes by about fifty-thousand trees release their pollen. My car, which is usually that blue color significant to bugs, is now green.

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