Saturday, June 14, 2008

Central Status

I have lived in this same house for about seven years. Before we moved in I was very much an outdoor person. I would hang around the neighborhood, messing with the dirt and the plants, drawing with chalk all over the street. I knew how to get around very well, and even knew which plants growing wild in my backyard were okay to eat. You know, in case I got lost outside and would need to fend for myself for the rest of my life.

But I don't know this neighborhood very well. I stopped being and outdoor person when we moved. I know how to cut into this old wagon trail across the street, and I know how to sneak into the cemetery without using the road at all. But I don't know the people that live here, and most frighteningly, I have never explored the left half of my backyard.

My own backyard, and I've never even looked into the left half. I've gone into the right half, and I discovered some weird little tree house thing. When I first found it I decided it was fine, and my friend and I took some time to clean it up. I went back on my own later, and some of the floorboards fell through. I haven't gone up since, and when I looked back a month or so ago most of the floor had fallen out and I think one of the supports had rotten most of the way. So it's a death trap now.

So I think this summer I'll tromp through the left half of my backyard. Maybe there's something else really cool in there that's rotting away. I should take pictures and document the whole thing.

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